Train Your Brain To Fall Asleep In 30 Seconds. Here’s How

Very large amount of people have sleeping problems in modern age. Wasting time in addition to fall asleep is really difficult and tiring.


Take in mind that you have 40 hours weekly lost on pointless activity and that activity is indeed the struggle you fight every night to fall asleep. I know that desperately you are searching for help.

Well this article is made to help you. According to Dr. Andrew Weil there is one trick that will help you fall asleep after only couple of seconds. The method is called “The 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise” and its origin comes from yoga and its practices of breathing. The exercise is easy, won’t take long period of time daily and you can do it anywhere you want.

Start with complete exhale through the mouth and make a whoosh sound. In a mental count of 4 after closing your mouth inhale through the nose. Count to 7 while holding your breath and exhale completely through the mouth making again sound to a count of 8. This counts as one breath, inhale again and repeat the cycle three times for total of four breaths.

“Try focusing on the correct inhaling and exhaling deeply every time” says Dr. Weil. This method lowers the heart pulse and calms the mind. Try it and see that it works perfectly. Sleep difficulties with disappear.

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