Malfunctions in the circulatory system can cause numerous health problems. Our arteries and veins carry blood and waste materials through the body, and the heart cleans the blood and transports the nutrients back to the blood vessels. Poor circulation occurs when the blood flow is impaired, and often manifests with cold hands and feet and numbness in the limbs. The condition is caused by an unhealthy diet, anxiety or stress, but genetics can also be the cause.

In order to strengthen your cardiovascular system, you should eat more fruit and vegetables, as well as fish and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You should also eat cereal which are high in fiber and will help the digestive system run smoothly.

Tips and recommendations on improving your blood circulation

Physical activity is key for proper circulation. Even simple things like walking, swimming and biking for at least an hour daily can make a huge difference. Here are some other exercises to improve your circulation:

  • Shrink your toes as if to grab an object, then relax them and repeat the exercise 20 times;
  • Lie on your back and extend your feet toward the ceiling, then move them in circles. Repeat the exercise 3 times;
  • Eat foods rich in potassium such as bananas;
  • A glass of red wine along your lunch every day can significantly improve your blood circulation. However, make sure to stick to 1 glass – anything more than that can be harmful;
  • Avoid eating foods rich in saturated fat such as dairy products, butter, sausages and bacon. These foods can increase the level of triglycerides and cholesterol and will also make your blood thicker, effectively reducing your circulation;
  • Avoid consuming too much salt as it can retain water in your body and cause numerous circulatory problems;
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes as they can inhibit your circulation.

Here’s how to prepare a great natural melon and grape juice that can improve your blood flow and prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries:


  • 1 slice of cantaloupe
  • 1 cup of grapes
  • 4 mint leaves
  • Mineral water


Mix all the ingredients in a blender until you get a homogenous mixture. Drink 3 glasses of the juice per week, and pair it with a healthy diet and exercise to boost your circulation.

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