Most People Don’t Know This: Consume Bananas Twice a Day, Here is Why

I really think that we can all agree on one thing – bananas are awesome, right? Well, bananas contain many healthy nutrients, which makes them irreplaceable “tools” for treating and fighting against many different health problems.

Did you know that just wo bananas can provide energy amount, which would be enough for a 90-minute exercise session in the gym? Well yes, and bananas are also a great way to fight depression.

Well, this is probably because bananas are loaded with the protein called tryptophan, which converts into serotonin. This, serotonin, compound actually helps you to relax more and it can make you feel better as well.

Bananas are loaded with many healthy nutrients, including Vitamin B6. This vitamin regulates the blood glucose levels. And it’s also extremely effective in improving your mood.

The Vitamin B6 in bananas can help you in the fight against stress and almost anything related to anything from your professional to your personal life.

Here’s why you should consume bananas every day:

  1. Depression

According to the experts, people who suffer from depression or anxiety, should eat bananas every day. According to a survey conducted by MIND on people who suffer from depression and anxiety, eating a banana would make them feel much better. Well, this is probably because of the compound tryptophan – a protein that is converted in the body into serotonin which relaxes you and improves your current mood.

  1. PMS

Did you know that bananas are great source of vitamin B6, which has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the blood and the ability to improve your mood?

  1. Blood Pressure

You should also know that bananas are loaded with potassium, but they don’t contain any salt. This means that they are the perfect food for high blood pressure. The United States FDA – Food and Drug Administration has actually made some official statements about bananas – the tropical fruit that can reduce the risk of stroke and reduce high blood pressure.

  1. Nervous system

Bananas are loaded with Vitamin B, which means that they can calm the nervous system. A recent study has revealed that the stress at work makes people eat processed foods, foods that are high in calories – chips, chocolates. So, in order to avoid “panic eating”, we highly recommend for you to grab a banana and eat it as a snack, instead of those processed and high-calorie foods.

  1. Ulcers

This delicious tropical fruit is a soft and smooth fruit. Even the medical experts say that these fruits are very useful in treating intestinal problems. Bananas can neutralize acids and reduce irritation by coating the lining of the stomach. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

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