Everything In Nature Is Connected: You Can Tell What Organs It Can Treat Just By Looking At A Fruit!

It’s really amazing how everything in nature is connected. Once your read the connections below, you will be even more surprised! These fruits and herbs can heal the organs they resemble – it may sound like science fiction to you, but it’s true!

Tomato – heart

The tomato has 4 chambers and is red in color, just like the heart. According to research, tomatoes contain potassium and iron which are great for your blood and heart.

Walnuts – brain

Walnuts do look like our brain and have a left and right hemisphere as well. Science has shown that consuming walnuts regularly can stimulate neuron production and improve the brain function as well.

Celery – bones

Celery and rhubarb resemble bones and also affect their strength. Bones contain 23% of potassium just like celery, so if you’re not getting enough of the mineral through food, the body will take some from the bones, weakening them and making them more prone to injuries.

Avocado, tomato, pear – uterus

All these fruits look like a uterus and have a profound impact on it. Experts suggest women should eat an avocado a week to balance their hormones and prevent uterus and ovarian cancer. The most interesting part is that avocados need exactly 9 months to produce fruit!

Sweet potatoes – pancreas

Sweet potatoes look just like the pancreas and also balance the blood sugar levels.

Carrots – eyes

If you cut a carrot in half, it looks just like a human eye. Carrots are very beneficial for the eyes and have been known to improve eyesight as well.

Grapefruit – breasts

Grapefruits are shaped just like a female breast and have been confirmed to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Ginger – stomach

A piece of ginger looks like our stomach, and the plant has been used as a remedy for digestive problems for quite a long time. Ginger can help you relieve bloating and indigestion, and contains special enzymes that can improve your digestion and prevent abdominal cramps and ulcers. The plant can also be used to treat dyspepsia, colic and diarrhea.

Mushroom – ear

A champignon cut in half resembles a human ear. Mushrooms in general have been known to improve hearing, as they contain vitamin D, which is important for the health of all bones in the body, including the tiny ones that transmit sound to the brain.

Onion looks similar to our cells and can remove toxins from them. Garlic has similar properties that can fight toxins and free radicals in the body.

Olives look similar to ovaries and can protect them from cancer, while figs are full of semen and come in pairs, just like male testicles. They have been confirmed to increase sperm count in men which prevents infertility.

Lastly, beans resemble our kidneys, and have shown that they can cure several kidney diseases.

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