Is It Possible To Have Garlic and Ginger At Home All Year Round? Yes, Cultivate Them By Yourself!

Having an garden at home and growing your own organic food would be wonderful, but many times it is not possible either because of lack of space and even lack of time. But the good news is that some of these Super-foods can be grown in pots and do not require great care or need to have much knowledge.


Another good news is that we will teach you how to grow two of the foods that make up the list of “superfoods”, which are products of nature that have many more nutrients and vitamins than any other vegetable.

Why not try it?

Ginger is an underground stem very easy to cultivate as it is expanding above the ground at the same time as it generates shoots.

This is what makes it so simple, the fact that every gingerbread can be the start of a new ginger plant.

To begin with, you should start with a ginger plant that already has an outbreak (rhizome). You can find it in the supermarkets or in the greengrocers of your neighborhood taking care to find one that already has some other outbreak that results in a new plant.

Ginger is a tropical plant and since all of them need warm and humid environments, this is why you will not find it difficult to grow your own ginger plant.

– After you have selected a ginger that already has a rhizome, plant it in the earth taking care that that bud points upwards.

– You must have land of good quality that is rich in nutrients. Make sure it is always moist so your plant can thrive.

– Locate the plant in a warm place and although the climate in which you live is predominantly fresh, an environment such as the kitchen can be the perfect environment for your plant to grow.

– After 10 months you can harvest your first ginger and if you want to multiply the plants you should only try to keep a rhizome that you will plant again.

– Keep your harvested ginger in a dry box and in a cool place.

The case of organic food like garlic is very similar to ginger in relation to simplicity. While you do not need a rhizome to start a new plant, garlic will simply provide you with an outbreak that you can grow.

– In case you got a garlic that already has an outbreak, so much the better; But if you simply have a clove of garlic put it on the ground about 7 or 8 cm above the surface.

– The soil for the garlic to thrive must always be moist but be careful not to over water it because this can rot the plant.

– From that moment you simply have to wait about four months to see your own garlic grow.

– When the leaves of the plant become yellowish it is time to harvest the garlic.

– When you have them, store them in the refrigerator as they require a cool, dry place to keep them and prevent mold from forming.

You already have to cultivate these two incredible organic food that you can enjoy throughout the year, and what is more important; Is that they will be organic free of all type of toxic pesticide that you can consume avoiding all type of risk for health.

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