7 Simple Facial Exercises That Can Give You A Beautiful Young Looking And Glowing Skin

We all want radiant younger looking glowing face and in the pursuit we end up trying all the cosmetic products, which claim to keep our face glowing, tighter and healthy, but end up harming our skin with all the chemicals. Do you know that there are some facial exercises which can give you glowing and younger looking skin without applying any product, here are 7 such simple exercises you can do.

1. For cheeky cheekbones


For firm and sharp cheekbones and chin, pout in a way a gold fish would while simultaneously opening and closing the pout. Repeat this for 20-25 seconds, 5 sets in total.For best results do it 4 to 5 times everyday.

2. For a well-defined jaw line



First, drop your lower jaw and then push it outwards. Next, hold this position for about 10-15 seconds until you feel a stretch in your cheeks and near your ear.For best results do it 4 to 5 times everyday.

3. For Non-puffy eyelids and lesser wrinkles

Open your eyes wide open as if you are shocked to see something. Hold that pose for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat this a couple of times. This will also help reduce bags under the eyes as it improves the blood circulation around the eyes.

4. For Reducing  laugh lines


Image Courtesy : face yoga method

After certain age, you see laugh lines start appearing on your face, here’s something you can do to get rid of them. First, blow your mouth like you are blowing a balloon and then hold that position like you are whistling. For best results , do it 5 – 6 times everyday.

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5. For Toned neck

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Stretch your face upwards and outwards, and hold this position for a few seconds. You can take help of your palm to pull the neck upwards. Do it 6 to 7 times everyday for best results.

6. For those perfect lips


A simple exercise to get those perfect lips is to hold a flying kiss in a straight poker face for a few seconds. This helps to tighten the muscles around the mouth thus, also helping against the sagging of the mouth area. Do it 5 to 6 times everyday for best results.

7. For Sharper looking eyes


For drooping , tired eyes, just keep your head still, look upwards as high as you can without moving your focus for as long as you can. Then look down and repeat the same. Do this 2 to 3 times everyday for best results.

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