For This Reason You Should Never Keep Eggs In The Refrigerator. Your Health Is In Danger

amoneSome people tend to keep eggs in the refrigerator ignoring the danger to his health and his family, as to keep the eggs in cold areas contributes to the bacteria that contaminate the shell to stay alive, among these bacteria is salmonella, which is harmful to health.


Studies showed that the eggs were kept at room temperature containing a lower percentage of bacteria than those who were kept in the refrigerator, this is because the eggs become contaminated when the hen puts, once lead to refrigerator bacteria are preserved.

Salmonella when in cold places tend to multiply rapidly contaminating everything is in the refrigerator, for this reason it is important to keep this battery reach this place.

In some European countries it is forbidden to store eggs in the refrigerator, even there penalty for those who keep the eggs in cold places, in the US. It is not prohibited this practice so if you can keep eggs in the refrigerator, but given this information it is advisable not to store in cold areas.

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  1. A friend got hurt by Amish eggs that were not refrigerated. He ended up in a Vet home where they gave me many psychiatric drugs that destroyed him. He thought he was safe not refrigerating them and it changed his life majorly and not stuck in the Vet home with his wife in control who won’t let him do Alternative medicine.

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