Most Popular Tea Bags Contain ILLEGAL Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (avoid these brands at all costs)


Pesticides are everywhere. They are sprayed in school playgrounds and public parks, and can even be found on the produce we buy from the grocery store. We do everything we can do avoid contact with these pesticides, from washing our produce before we eat them to buying organic or homegrown fruits and veggies.

We do everything we can to avoid consuming these toxic pesticides, and yet somehow it always manages to find a way into our home. One of the more recent examples of this includes the discovery of incredibly high levels of pesticides in some of the world’s most popular tea brands including Lipton, Tetley and Twinings.

Pesticides in Tea

CBC News led an examination on the pesticide levels of most significant tea-delivering organizations. These organizations included:

  • Lipton (Pure Green Tea and Yellow Label Black Tea)
  • Tetley
  • Twinings
  • Red Rose
  • No Name
  • Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea)
  • Lord Cole
  • Flag

Utilizing an authorize lab, CBC agents utilized a similar testing technique utilized by the national Food Inspection Agency to test the pesticide buildup on the dry tea takes off.

The agents found that the greater part of the considerable number of teas tried had pesticide buildups that were over the legitimately adequate farthest point. Eight out of the 10 teas tried likewise contained various chemicals, with one brand of tea containing more than 22 distinct sorts of pesticides.

A portion of the pesticides that were found in the tea, including endosulfan and monocrotophos, are as of now during the time spent being prohibited by a few nations because of the wellbeing dangers it postures to specialists that handle it and the negative effect that it has on nature.

Best and Worst Brands

In spite of the fact that larger part of the tea brands tried contained hints of pesticides (just a single brand didn’t, we’ll get to that in somewhat), a few brands contained an astounding measure of pesticides while others remained underneath as far as possible. Albeit zero pesticides are the favored sum, here is a rundown of the most noticeably bad guilty parties so you will make certain to avoid these brands regardless of how frantic for tea you are:

Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea). This brand of tea contains more than 20 unique sorts of pesticides, including endosulfan, which is right now during the time spent being prohibited from various nations because of its wellbeing and condition impacts. Reactions of endosulfan utilization incorporate tremors and different consequences for the sensory system, and now and again eating sustenances containing endosulfan has brought about death.

No Name. In spite of the fact that it comes no place near Uncle Lee’s Green Tea, it is still contains more than 10 distinct sorts of pesticides.

Lord Cole. This tea is not as vigorously weighed down with pesticides as the No Name mark above it, yet it has a more extensive assortment of pesticides, including the destined to-be-prohibited monocrotophos, which is known to bring about automatic poo, sporadic pulse and has additionally been known to instigate trance like states

The tea business has not remained calm amid this kerfuffle. James O’ Young, VP of Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, which additionally happens to be the brand which contained the most pesticides, shielded his tea’s pesticide content by guaranteeing all tea contains pesticides.

“On the off chance that you drink tea, standard tea, I couldn’t care less it’s what image is that, the unavoidable truth, this farming item has pesticides,” O’Young said.

O’Young put forth this expression overlooking the way that CBC’s examination found that, out of the 10 diverse tea brands tried, Red Rose was the main item that returned totally free of pesticides. This demonstrates in addition to the fact that it is conceivable to develop tea without having pesticide deposit on it, however that agents from enormous organizations are outrightly misleading us about it.

Bolster without pesticide tea organizations by keeping away from brands that you know are overwhelming in pesticides, for example, Uncle Lee’s and No Name Brands, and buy just from brands that you know contain next to zero pesticides.

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