12 Genius Tricks To Clean The Things You Didn’t Know How To Clean

We all have cleaning routines regarding our homes and cars, we have different cleaning tricks, and DIY cleaning recipes, but you can always find some places that seem to be impossible to be cleaned!

Some objects and places are very fragile and shouldn’t be cleaned often or are made of a specific material. That’s why we offer you 12 useful tips that will help you clean them quickly and easily!

Air Conditioner

When air conditioners are dirty, they cannot work properly. Even though you aren’t sure, you can clean it yourself!

Bathroom Tiles

Use candle wax to seal the grout and prevent mildew, and your bathroom tiles will shine like you just bought them!


Cleaning your fridge does not just mean removing the leftovers – you need to thoroughly clean it. Clean this twice a year, and you will also eliminate its smell.

Dog Toys

The plush bears and other furry members of your family can be cleaned in the washing machine. Also, you can soak them in a solution of vinegar and water.


You are probably afraid to clean your laptop! But you can clean it with microfiber cloths, mild dish cleaner, distilled water, compressed air, pipe cleaner and rubbing alcohol and thoroughly clean it!

Odd-Shaped Bottles and Glasses

It frustrating to clean glasses and bottles with strange shapes because you can’t reach all areas that should be cleaned! But, a magnet cleaning method will help you solve the problem!

Car Upholstery

No matter its state, you can bring your vehicle upholstery to life using this cleaner: Combine vinegar, club soda and dish soap in equal amounts. You can use this mix to scrub with a brush, and then wash it off with a steam cleaner or shop vac.

Shower Caulking

Mildew and mold often appear on the shower caulkings, however you can easily remove them with some bleach and a toothbrush.


You can clean your mattress in a few easy steps: just bust out your vacuum, dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and your mattress will be as good as new!

Porcelain Sink

This is a common feature in the older homes, and although they look nice, they can easily get stained which can be difficult to clean. But you can make the sinks white again with lemon, white vinegar, salt, baking soda, and some hydrogen peroxide!

Shower Curtains

Wash the shower curtains in a salt bath to remove and prevent mildew.


Mirrors are among the hardest things to clean because it seems that there’s always at least one stain on it. But, you can make it perfectly clean with microfiber cloths, cotton pads, rubbing alcohol, water and vinegar.

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