A Doctor Discovered The Greatest Secret Of Medicine – “How Not To Die?”: “Do This And Your Body Will Cure Itself, Without Medicines…”

These days, one of the most famous books in America is “How NOT to die?” by D-r Michael Greger. This book also becomes popular in the whole world. D-r Greger is an expert in food safety, public health and nutrition. He managed to discover which 6 ingredients we should intake every day so that we can protect ourselves from all the serious diseases.

We are all aware that numerous have become a real epidemic and can even lead to death. Some of them include diabetes,heart diseases, and cancer.

According to this doctor, the greatest secret of medicine is to know what to eat or drink so that your body can cure itself and you become healthy and energetic!

1. Leguminous plants

Some of the most important leguminous plants include chickpea, lentils, soy,dried halves of green peasas well as all types of beans. You may not think that peas soup and dipping carrots in some hummus (chickpea spread) can be useful, but you also intake leguminous plants this way. Make sure you eat at least 3 portions of leguminous plants a day. One portion can be tofu, a quarter of a cup of hummus, lentils, a full cup of fresh peas or sprouted lentilsor half a cup of cooked beans. Peanuts are also leguminous plants although technically, but doctor Gregerputs them in the category of nuts (because of their nutritive value).

  1. Berries

One portion of berries is about half a cup of fresh or frozen berries and if you take them dried, take a quarter of a cup. Although, biologically speaking, banana, avocado and even watermelons belong to the group of berries. we’ll use this term for small eatable fruits and we’ll also add grapes and raisins into this category. It means that we’ll also consider terms for fruits that many people consider are berries, although technically they are not, like: blueberries, cherries, cranberries, strawberries and mulberries.

  1. Herbaceous plants

Here, we can include broccoli, cabbage, Swiss chards, borecole and kale. Greger recommends taking at least one portion a day (half a cup) and at least to portions of these plants a day, no matter if they are leafy or herbaceous.

  1. Nuts

Everyone should eat at least 1 teaspoon of ground flax seeds a day, but also a portion of other nuts or seeds. A quarter of a cup of nuts is enough for one portion and if you like butter (for example, peanut butter), don’t intake more than 2 tablespoons in one meal. Chestnut and coconut don’t belong in the group of nuts nutritiously.

  1. Spices

Doctor Greger recommends a quarter of a tablespoon of curcuma, but you can also add any spice you like except salt.

  1. Whole grain cereals

In order to have longevity, you should also eat whole grain cereals. For example, half a cup of warm oatmeal, boiled rice, quinoa or buckwheat, boiled pasta and corn, a cup of cold cereals (the ones you buy at the stores), a tortilla or a piece of integral bread, half a bagel or muffin, three cups of popcorn etc.

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  1. Oats have avenin…a kind of gluten which may hurt the gut lining. No gluten/GMO may help intestines absorb more nutrients.

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