Crochet Donut Pillows Are Everything You Need For Sweet Dreams

Are you somewhat of a creative soul? Maybe you love art, in one or more forms, and you’re constantly looking for interesting yet unique ways to spruce up your bedroom or apartment. Or maybe you’re just looking for cool gifts to give your friends for their birthday or special events? Satisfy the chocolate/candy addict in you by creating this super unique and awesome donut crochet pillow!

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I mean, you’ve clicked on this article for one of two reasons—you either love sweet treats or you’re a fan of crochet. Additionally, you could be a fan of both? Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place because this DIY tutorial will teach you exactly how to create a fantastically creative donut crochet pillow that’ll not only make your mouth water but also create major envy amongst your friends. And it’s surprisingly easy to make, too!

Резултат слика

In a 20-minute video tutorial, a mother and daughter patiently teach us how to make these cute and delicious-looking pillows. The video is nicely zoomed in on the mother’s hands, giving you a very detailed media in which to literally DIY. Let’s face it—a video is about a zillion times easier to follow than written instructions, right?

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So, we here at HealthyCareandBeauty graciously thank this mother and daughter for taking the time to make this awesome video so that we too can have fun and interesting things in our homes (or have a much cheaper and thoughtful gift to share with those we love).


Will you  try? Watch the video below and be sure to let us know in the comment whether you’ve created one of your own cool pillows. Additionally, if you’ve got a crochet-enthusiast friend or family member—share it with them because, sharing is caring!


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