Put Cotton With Alcohol In The Belly Button And Get Rid Of Many Diseases

According to many alternative medical practitioners, this is probably one of the most effective methods of folk medicine when it comes to easing pain.

By placing the following ingredients in your belly button, you will help yourself to quickly solve the common cold, flu, cough, abdominal pain and menstrual problems.

It’s super-simple procedure that does not require any special efforts.

All you have to do is dive in a little bit of cotton in 50% alcohol and put in on your belly button!

This will help in relieving pain and relaxing the body.

This method is also often used for inflammation of the muscles, flu or colds, and is a much better option than conventional drugs.

Next time you get a flu or cold, only a little bit of cotton soaked in alcohol and placed on your belly button, will solve your problem. Cover it with wide strips or simply cover it with a cloth or plastic bag.

This method can be used for releasing menstrual pains – just lie down and gently press the cotton with your fingers in the belly button.

To relieve abdominal pain or sickness from travel, use the same method, but this time add a little salt on the cotton and put it in the belly button.


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