This Mother Lost Her Child, Because She Made A Mistake On Facebook. Parents, Keep Your Eyes Open

We all care for the safety of our children. Every parent wants to protect its child from every harm that might lurk around. And one of the most misunderstood place where danger lurks is the internet or to be more precise, social networks.

Social networks are often considered to be a very nice way of keeping in touch with people you want to be in touch with. But many people often abuse social networks, such as Facebook, for their own bad plans.
Children often don’t know how to protect themselves when on such social networks and they often do not know what to avoid and what not to do.

In one such case, one mother didn’t not even think what could happen if you leave your children on their own on Facebook. Here is her story.

One day, her child received and friend request from a person that they did not know. The little girl did not think anything bad would happen and besides, the profile picture the stranger had was very nice and assuring, so she didn’t think anything bad might happen.

Her mother was too excited about what her little girl was achieving at that time and often posted stuff about her on Facebook. But she made the horrible mistake of posting the name of the school where her little daughter was studying. And she couldn’t even imagine what could happen next.

The harmless stranger than proceeded to download the picture for himself and then uploaded it to a website where he posted the following horrifying words:

“Youngblood, American girl. Not even 6 years old! Only 10,000 dollars!”

No one was aware that just by uploading a harmless picture from your child and the name of the school she studies in, things could get so much out of hand, because in the next few days, when the mother went to pick up her daughter, she wasn’t there. She asked around if anyone has seen her, but to no avail. Her daughter was already taken and gone forever.

So, parents, always take care of what your kids are doing online and on social networks, because, this same situation might happen to you too. You do not want pedophiles and molesters to download pictures from your children and then use them for their own disgusting needs. Never accept friend requests from people you do not know and try not to disclose too much personal information about your family in order to keep them safe.

Do not forget this story because it bears a strong message. The message is never to let your guard down, never to post pictures of your children and never accept strangers. You wouldn’t invite strangers in your house right? So, why let them invade your privacy online.

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