You Will Not Believe What Saging Na Saba (Saba Banana) Can Do To Your Body! A Must-Read!

Bananas are an awesome fruit, and according to a survey they are more consumed than any other fruit each year. And it’s no surprise, since they are easy to eat and tasty as well. Despite all that, they are also great for your health.

There are cardava bananas in the Philippines, also known as “Saba Banana” which are amazing and really beneficial for your health.

Most people in the Philippines consume it cooked, however this way it loses its nutritional value and you should eat it fresh to get most of its benefits.

Some of the health benefits of these amazing bananas are:

– Regulate the Body Circulatory System

It contains plenty of potassium, so it can regulate the body’s circulatory system, because it delivers oxygen to the brain. Also, it’s good for your heart’s health, since it regulates the heartbeat and regulates the water content balance in your body. It’s also good for regulating the blood pressure.

– A great source of Minerals, Vitamins and Natural Energy

Consuming only 2 bananas will help you increase your energy levels for the day and you won’t even need to drink coffee in the morning.

– Stops Constipation

It can provide your body with plenty of fiber, so it will stop your constipation, and what’s even better, it won’t cause diarrhea.

– Stops the feeling of Hangover

If you drank a lot of alcohol during the night, eating a banana in the morning will provide your body with lots of vitamins, so the feeling will be eliminated.

– Can help you if you’re trying to stop smoking

If you’re trying this, you will constantly feel the urge to light a cigarette. However, bananas have lots of B vitamins and other minerals that have the effect of nicotine in your body. If you’re having menstrual pain, B6 vitamins can also help you relieve it.

– Can treat ulcers

It will lower the irritation in your digestive system, as well as lower the acidity in your abdomen. Also, if you feel a heartburn, bananas can quickly relieve it, since they are a natural antiacid.


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