Never Dry Laundry Indoors, The Side Effect Can Be Deadly!

Everyone has heard that drying laundry in the room they live in is neither recommended nor healthy, as the evaporation from the laundry can do harm to their health.

Craig Mather (43) lives in Bolton. He explains that due to the fact he did not pay attention to the warnings, and dried his clothes inside his house, he got himself a lung infection. This severe lung issue he suffered from was a result of the mold spores that occurred from drying clothes on the radiator in his living room.

As writes, this father of three children has begun to recover only after he was diagnosed with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis and prescribed the required medications to fight fungal infections.

After another warning from his doctor that his condition can become worse, Craig realized that he must stop drying clothes indoors. Twelve months after he did that, he notices a significant improvement in his health.

The case of Craig is just one of the many. Experts keep warning that by drying clothes indoors, you increase your health risks. If you dry your clothes on the radiator for example, you increase the level of humidity in your home for up to 30 percent and make ideal conditions for mold spores to develop.

Only a bunch of washed laundry contains next to two liters of water. When this amount of water is released in the room, the environment becomes wet and prone to mold. The majority of people are either immune to the infections that appear in these conditions, or have a body prepared to combat the infection, but there are people, like for example asthma sufferers who may experience problems like coughing and breathing difficulties.

People with weak immune system, like cancer patients for example who undergo chemotherapy, or people with AIDS and autoimmune diseases can also have health issues. Namely, the fungi can lead to pulmonary aspergillosis in these patients, a condition that can cause incurable or even fatal lung damage, claims Professor David Denning. He advises that all people should dry their laundry either outside or in the dryer, away from the living room and the bedroom.


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