Scientist Finally Discover Why Eating Red Meat Leads To Higher Instances Of Cancer

According to a number of studies, the consumption of red meat is connected with increased risk for cancer, atherosclerosis, stroke, and even Type II Diabetes…

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A study out of the University of California, San Diego has discovered the culprit behind why eating red meat leads to higher instances of cancer -and it all has to do with a sugar.

The study, which was published December 29 in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,” discovered that a unique sugar named Neu5Gc, found in most mammals but not in humans, triggers an immune response that in turn causes inflammation. It can be found in red meats (pork and other livestock), cow’s milk and certain cheeses.

This study was used on mice which found that all the evidence linking Neu5Gc to cancer was circumstantial or indirectly predicted from experimental setups. According to the scientists, this is the first time they mimicked the exact situation in humans through feeding non-human Neu5Gc and inducing anti-Neu5Gc antibodies. This increased spontaneous cancer in mice.

The human body is not capable of producing this sugar naturally so when the sugar is absorbed into the tissues, it is perceived as a foreign invader and activates the immune system and resulting in inflammation.It is suspected that over time, the chronic inflammation caused by the immune system response plays a role in the development of cancer. Thus, those who consume red meat on a regular basis are likely to suffer a stronger reaction than those who ingest red meat occasionally.

Because the people are not capable of making Neu5G they should limit their intake of red meats and assured a healthier – and less inflamed – life.



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