This Man Refused Chemotherapy – He Was Cured With This Simple Recipe!! (Video Included – Amazing Story)

When doctors Stamatis Moraitis Greek war veteran in 1976 had been diagnosed with lung cancer, he was resigned to die.

Nine different doctors told him how he had six months to live and that he should immediately embark on aggressive treatment of chemotherapy. He did not like to be treated with such dangerous treatments declined chemotherapy so he returned to his native place Icarij, coast Greece.

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After that, something incredible happened. In the beginning, it caught so depressedly so all day he was lying in bed, his wife and mother took care of him. One day he returned to the faith and desire for life, a bit short because he thought that he remains a little time. He went to live actively. On Sunday morning it climbed the hill where is situated Orthodox church where his grandfather was a priest. He was visited by his friends when they learned that he returned to his home and every day with them would talk for hours with two bottles of locally produced wine. “At least I die happy,” he thought.

The following months of some reason, he began to feel strong. One day he decided to plant his garden. He didn’t expect to experience the fruits of it, but it was a good reason to enjoy the sun and fresh air by the sea.

It spent six months but Moratti didn’t die. Instead of death, he gathered his fruit, paved the family vineyard, is accustomed to shore started working in the vineyard, he woke up early and all day was out, the light. He makes his own lunch of vegetables from his garden. When would get dark he went to the local pub where played dominoes until late at night.

Years passed. He had been greeting so felt. January built onto his house with several rooms, and per year he produced 1,500 liters of his own, homemade wine.

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After 30 years of this life, he experienced 97 years when he realized that he did not die and decided to visit doctors with his results to check what happened. When he went to the doctors who told him he has only six months to live, it is interesting how they all were dead. He was alive and all them death even he never went to chemotherapy which needed to extend his life a bit. He just moved to his hometown. Moraitis died when he was 102 years, happy and healthy. He died of old age and cancer that was mentioned no longer existed.

What did happen?

People must know that a sick person does not need as much medicine as he needs faith and will and return to nature. Health needs regeneration of body and spirit. The place where he returned Icarija Greek coast it is known for healthy food. Locals coast that do not know about heart disease or cancer. They are quite rare.

Olive oil, chard, carbohydrates, lentils, whole grain bread, then spices like oregano, parsley are excellent foods that there are used daily. Also, their red meat is not eaten more than once a week.

“Maybe we do not have much money, but we always have food on the table and have fun with family and friends. Do not rush to do all things during the day, sometimes working through the night. And at the end of the day did not go to sit in bed and watch TV, but laugh, socialize, speaking locals. ”

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The peculiarity of life in Icarij which cures all diseases is that no one was in a hurry to live. Everything they eat and drink is from their own produce in their garden. They walk a lot even and 20 km a day, and after midday, the whole village is resting. They laugh a lot and hang out with friends. Drink from their hands made wine, and lots of tea and eat their food.

Recipe for treatment of the foundations of life in Icarij

-Mediterian Diet. A low, preferably raw and homemade vegetables and. To throw out meat completely or restricted to one meal per week.Homemade olive oil, seeds, cereals.Homemade bread grain cereals.Homemade fruit and vegetables. Do not forget the fish.

-A lot of Tea. The tea has diuretic properties and is able to remove all the toxins from the body if it is homemade, though.

-Rest. Rest if you are tired. Do not force your body to life with little sleep. People who afternoon rest at least 5 times a week for half an hour have 35% less chance of cardiovascular diseases. It also reduces the stress hormone.

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-Be Active in nature. Walk, imbibe the sun and sea or foliage, forest, grass. Work, build.Feel useful.

-Don’t Rush with life and get rid of fear and stress. Hang out with friends, with family, laugh a lot and do not expect anything from life. Simple and enjoy the beauties of life. If possible, consider moving to a place with no smog, no toxins in the air. In a place where no one can make or force you to do something. Live life and forget the pain. Live like no other, does not exist. Moraitis also lived and survived this way. He has outlived all those who were saying that he would die.




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