She Was 80 Years Old And No Gray Hair! The Secret Is In This Beverage

These modern times require cleansing the body of toxins. One of the best ways for you to cleanse your body is to use one of the most potent means of detoxification – wheat grass.

This plant works like a purely solar energy. Only 7.5 grams of wheat grass has the same nutritional value as 175 grams of carrots, celery, or lettuce. People have been familiar with the cleansing effects of wheatgrass since ancient times, even from the times of the pharaohs.

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Modern times pose a lot of stress in our everyday lives. Moreover, we have to deal with the pollution of our environment, harmful radiation and consume unhealthy food. This means that our bodies need detoxification more than ever.

Are you one of the many that feel tired all the time and have difficulties concentrating? If you are, then you definitely need to cleanse your body, and wheatgrass can help you regain your energy and improve your overall health.

Signs that you need detoxification:

  • skin problems
  • allergy
  • constipation
  • headaches
  • depression
  • flatulence and gasses
  • indigestion
  • fatigue, poor memory, and poor concentration
  • premature aging
  • unpleasant body odor
  • excessive weight gain or weight loss

The benefits of wheatgrass

Wheatgrass contains over 100 of the elements people need, including the essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and important enzymes.

Wheat grass is mainly made of chlorophyll, nearly 70 percent of its composition. Chlorophyll is a substance significant when it comes to elimination of toxins and heavy metals from the body. Wheat grass is also rich in vitamins B, B17, E, A, C, K, and F, as well as in minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Wheat grass is very beneficial as it increases the number of red blood cells, it cleanses the blood and other organs and it triggers the metabolism. Thanks to its high chlorophyll content, wheat grass enrich the blood with oxygen. This plant efficiently cleans the liver and it neutralizes toxins. It also triggers the function of the thyroid gland and reduces the level of acidity of the body.

The juice of wheat grass brings back the natural color of gray hair

If you consume fresh wheat grass juice on a regular basis, you will benefit a lot. One of the benefits of consumption of this juice is slowing down the growth of gray hair and restoring the gray hairs to their natural color.


She did not have any gray and she was 82!

The consumption of fresh wheatgrass juice was first promoted by Dr. Ann Wigmore. She has also thoroughly tested the healing properties of wheatgrass juice and developed and described in details the process of growing wheatgrass in shallow containers at your home or any other place. She also invented a cheap juicer for wheatgrass to make this elixir of life available for everyone.

At an age of 82, she did not have any gray hair. This looked so unbelievably that her students asked to let them examine her hair in the laboratory. The examination indicated that it really was her natural color.

The fresh wheat grass juice is also a great blood cleanser and helps in skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

Thanks to the fact that it is rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, wheat grass provides a wide range of health benefits and medicinal benefits.

You should start consuming this juice in doses of 30 milliliters a day, and then you should slowly increase this amount up to two times the starting one.

Here is how to grow wheat grass


  1. take a few wheat seeds and soak them in water for eight to twelve hours
  2. next, place the seeds in a glass jar and rinse them three times during the following 24 hours
  3. once the seeds begin to emerge sprouts, plant the seeds
  4. put the planted wheat in a jar and cover the jar for the first three days. During these days, make sure you water the wheat well each morning and spray it each evening
  5. the fourth day, open the jar
  6. the perfect temperature for growing wheat and avoiding mold is about 21-26 C degrees. In case some mold emerges, plant another wheat grass.
  7. once the wheat grass grows about 20 centimeters, you can cut it down. Two days prior to harvesting, bring the wheat grass out in the sun so that it synthesizes chlorophyll.
  8. if you want to plant another tour, use new seeds
  9. squeeze the wheatgrass using a juicer to get juice or grind it using a blender, adding some water.

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