Taking a Pinch of This Spice Daily Has the Effect as if You Exercised for an Hour in the Gym, and There is no Better Remedy for the HEART!

Medical research and many studies have shown that turmeric has a wide range of beneficial effects on health.
Turmeric has been found effective in the treatment of more than 600 health problems. It also provides amazing effects in combination with training, but keep in mind that you cannot replace the exercise in full.

Inflammation is a natural response of the body to stress. It’s a good thing. The fluids in inflammation carry vital nutrients and chemical components that help our muscles to recover and repair without any additional help from us.


The problem comes, when the inflammation doesn’t have enough time to do its work before another injury is inflicted on the muscles or joints. This is what leads to the initial muscle fatigue, and if the injury is reoccurring day after day, muscle damage is the end result from the increased inflammation.


This chronic inflammation impedes muscle repair and if untreated, can cause permanent damage to our muscles and joints.


This is why Turmeric is such a favorite weapon against inflammation for many athletes and those that incorporate exercise into their daily lives!


Curcumin, the potent ingredient in Turmeric that gives us all of those powerful inflammation busting powers, has been scientifically proven to combat inflammation as well as or better than most prescription anti-inflammatory medications.


This is so important and equally exciting! It’s natural pain control without all the negative side effects that we can get from over the counter pain medications or prescription anti-inflammatory medicines and steroids.


The reason that Curcumin is so potent is that it blocks inflammation at a cellular level, and turns off the gene responsible for inflammation. It works like a little switch that turns off the inflammation when it starts becoming chronic.


One study done with rats, showed an incredible rate of 4 days to repair damaged tissue for rats that received Curcumin as compared to 20 days for the same type of result in rats that did not receive Curcumin.


If you have overworked yourself during a run or your favorite spin class, or even lifting light weights, Turmeric will go to work right away to prevent chronic inflammation from settling into your joints and muscles and will speed the recovery process faster.


Chronic inflammation is what we don’t want. A little inflammation in response to stress or illness in our bodies is perfectly normal.


What’s even more exciting is that taking Turmeric before a workout can help prevent muscle fatigue and damage! This is great news for those that are just embarking on a new routine or someone who may be in training for a professionally competitive event.


One very recent study showed that Curcumin inhibits the specific enzymes that cause inflammation. Preventing inflammation from the beginning is important so we can experience less pain, less fatigue, and faster muscle recovery from a workout.


Anyone that lives an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise will benefit greatly from adding Turmeric into their diet. Many professional athletes are already using Turmeric to enhance their workouts and their performance in the field. Those that are embarking on a new exercise routine can reduce a lot of pain associated with waking up muscles that haven’t been used in a long time, by using Turmeric before and after their workouts.


Recommended amounts of Turmeric to be taken for maximum workout benefits can range widely and need to be adjusted to each individual’s specific lifestyle and needs. As a supplement, amounts that seem to be most beneficial range between 4 and 12 grams a day, with an average daily maintenance consumption of 8 grams per day.


Turmeric can also be easily added to your diet by including it in with your regular spices in cooking, taking Organic Turmeric Capsules, or having some delicious beverages such as Turmeric Tea, Latte (Golden Milk), or Smoothies.


Also, curcumin improves heart function and reduces the risk of heart attack and helps in menopause.

 One study included 32 women in menopause and after. They were using turmeric for 8 weeks every day. The researchers found that their blood vessels were in perfect condition.



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