This Type Of Honey Is Killing Every Kind Of Bacteria Scientists Throw At It (Even The SuperBugs)

A recent study has discovered that there is a special type of honey which is powerful enough to kill every kind of bacteria, even the worst ones.

According to one study published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, this type of honey can be of utmost importance at a time when almost all the antibiotics are resistant to bacteria, especially against “superbugs”.

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This powerful and super healthy honey is called manuka honey which is produced in New Zealand. The reason why the manuka honey benefits were not known until know, is because the producers demanded trademark protection.

Manuka Honey Kills Mrsa, Other Superbugs

The Australian reported that manuka honey is powerful enough to kill every bacteria or pathogen tested on the studies previously mentioned. People should take it internally or apply it topically in order to treat infections on the skin, cuts, and insect bites.

This honey does not allow any of the superbugs to build up immunity, which is quite the opposite with the antibiotics.

According to Dr. Dee Carter of the University of Sydney’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences, the shelf lives of the new antibiotics are much shorter because the bacteria they attack quickly become resistant. Many pharmaceutical companies have abandoned antibiotic production due to the difficulty of recovering costs. Many lives could be saved with the development of effective options. Moreover, Dr. Carter claims that the main reason why manuka honey is so effective at destroying the bacteria is the compound contained in it called methylglyoxal.


Where to Find Manuka Honey

Almost every health store has manuka honey, the only problem is that there is also fake honey on the market, so you should be very careful when purchasing it. it should be UMF certified which means  Unique Manuka Factor, a phytochemical property obtained from the manuka bushes.

Manuka honey can treat MRSA. JoshuaOne9, on Amazon, explains that she has done a lot of research on manuka honey when her friend got MRSA. Sadly, she got it as well. When she noticed the red bump, she scratched it, but then she realized it is not a mosquito bite. Her husband was the one who realized that it was MRSA and he applied manuka honey on the affected area immediately. After several hours, she felt significant relief, and after several days, it was completely gone.

As you can see, manuka honey provides numerous health benefits, but further researches need to be done for sure.



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