Worried about Smaller Breasts? This Drink Will Increase Your Breasts Size

You might already be doing Oil massage and weight gainer exercises to grow your breast size. So here is a formulated drink that will help you to grow breasts faster.

Резултат слика

This drink is loaded with nutrients and natural plant estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone which regulates the menstrual cycles and body growth in adult women. We will make this drink using all ingredients which are easily available at home. This is a natural drink, so there are rare chances of any side-effects from this.

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 Required ingredients to make this drink:
  • Drinking Water
  • Licorice powder
  • Natural Honey
  • Fenugreek Seeds (Methi)
  • Fennel Seeds (Saunf)
  • Lemon

Take 2 cups of water in a deep pan and heat the pan till the water boils. Now add 3 teaspoons of Fenugreek seed in the boiling water. Also, add 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds and 1 teaspoon of Licorice powder in it.

Let the water boil for 2 more minutes and then turn the flame off. Let it simmer and cool for 10-15 minutes.

Now filter the boiled water in a cup, add 1 teaspoon honey and few drops of lemon juice in it. Stir it well with a spoon. This drink will taste little sour and sweet. For growth of breasts, You should drink one cup of this drink every day. You will start seeing results in the first week only.



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