Never Ignore These 8 Mystery Pains, Which May Cause Serious Health Problems In Future!

There are some pains that should not be put aside. We say it’s common- not a big deal and take notice when they remain for a longer time.

The pains mentioned below should not be ignored instead you should consult a doctor and get them treated fast.

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1. Pain in the chest

  • It is a signal for heart disease.
  • If there’s an impending heart attack mon the way then You will feel pains in your arms, shoulders, and throat, if there’s an impending heart attack coming.

    2. Lower back pain

  • A kidney problem results into a pain in lower back.
  • In most of the cases, the pain just goes off leaving a lot of problems and discomforts where you can’t control yourself from settling down and you aren’t in a condition to concentrate on any work.
  • Problems such as kidney tumors or kidney stones are some of the reasons which result into continuous pains and for this you need to consult your doctor.

    3. Acute abdominal pain

  • This needs to be taken seriously because a network of organs like the lungs, kidneys, uterus etc are all located here and some problem in these organs is a resulting pain in the stomach.
  • If you find that you have a problem with appendicitis than a serious call to medical intervention is necessary.
  • Pain in the upper right quadrant is a sign to gallbladder issue.
  • Similarly, pain in the upper back is a sign of pancreatitis and inflammation will cause pains in the intestinal area.

       4. Pain in testicles

  • There are some serious health complications that can cause pain in the testicles, ranging from a fairly minor hernia to grave cancer.
  • If the spermatic cord is twisted, it can result in a painful contortion in the testicles.
  • If the epididymis (sperm storage facility and delivery unit) is damaged, it can lead to testicular pain.
  • A twinge accompanied by an odd feeling could indicate varicocele (varicose veins).

    5. Uncontrollable headaches

  • A mysterious and sudden headache could be a warning that calls for your immediate attention
  • Pains along with blurred vision – is the sign for upcoming stroke.
  • This sign may also indicate a transitory ischemic attack.

    6. Pain while having sex

  • The pelvic inflammatory disease causes a heavy pain in the pelvic area while having sex.
  • Bacterial infection in the regions like uterus may result into a swollen or burning tissue.
  • If left unchecked- this problem may also further cause to infertility.

    7. Aching

  • Depression can lead to unexplained and random aches in different body parts. You might experience migraines, back pain, and increase physical sensitivity.
  • The other problem for this is also due to difficulty in getting sleep or less amount of sleep.

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