Cucumber – 16 Amazing Reasons to Eat Cucumber Every Day

A widespread view that the cucumber has no nutritional value is completely wrong, say nutritionists. His biological composition, consisting of minerals and vitamins, shows the opposite. About vitamin, cucumber is the richest in vitamin C and trace contains almost all vitamins of group B and carotene.
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From minerals, there are plenty of phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese, and iodine. It has low sodium and a lot of potassium, which is why it can not be cured so as not to disturb the existing favorable ratio of these two minerals. Because of this attitude of sodium and potassium, cucumber is an extremely diuretic agent.
Therefore, this vegetable is recommended for urination problems, heart disease, and kidney, but also against rheumatism.

Since dissolved uric acid, is useful for people with stones in the kidneys and bladder, thereby encouraging the elimination of water from the body, and promotes the excretion of toxic substances. Therefore, should you eat women who suffer from cellulite?

Raw cucumber regulates bowel movement and stool makes it softer. It is also recommended for diabetics, as it lowers blood sugar, but also for people prone to weight gain, as a diet food.
Uninformed cucumber makes another “wrong”, referring to the young fruits better to eat than mature, as is the case with most vegetable crops. And, in fact, are mistaken, because the immature cucumber weight machine, causing bloating and produces gas in the intestines

Energy value 100g of fresh peeled cucumber is 12 kcal / 52 kJ. From that contains 2.16% carbohydrates, 0.59% protein, and 0.7% fat.
Mineral cucumber contains potassium (136 mg), phosphorus (21 mg), calcium (14 mg), magnesium (12 mg), iron (0.22 mg), zinc (0.17 mg), manganese (0.07 mg ), copper (0.07 mg) and selenium (0,1μg).
Since vitamin fresh cucumber contains vitamin C (3.2 mg), thiamine vitamin B complex (0.03 mg), riboflavin (0.03 mg), niacin (0.04 mg), pantothenic acid (0.24 mg), pyridoxine (0.05 mg), choline (5.7 mg) and vitamin K (7.2 mg).
In 100 g of fresh cucumber is peeled 0.7 g fiber, beta-carotene 31 mg, 18 mg cryptoxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin, 16 mg.

1. Is rich in minerals that make skin beautiful and healthy, magnesium, potassium, and silicon.
2. It supports digestion and loses weight. Due to the high amount of water in it, and a small number of calories, the ideal food for those who want to lose weight and maintain your desired weight. Use it in salads, sandwiches and soups. You can and cut into sticks and eat as a snack. Due to the level of fiber in it is great for good digestion.
3. Tired eyes? Put slices of cucumber on them. Although this scene is already so common that it seems cliché, cucumber really helps reduce dark circles and swollen eyes because of its anti-inflammatory ingredients.
4. Protects against cancer. Through ingredients pinoresinol, secoisolariciresinol lariciresinol and reduces the risk of developing several types of cancer, of which cancer is ovarian, breast, prostate, and uterus.
5. Reduces cholesterol, control blood pressure and helps diabetics. Because hormones containing cucumber juice pancreas can work normally and produce insulin is crucial for diabetics. Also, sterol ingredient for lowering cholesterol levels. Due to the abundance of minerals and fiber cucumber is very effective and in regulating blood pressure.
6. Hydrates the body. Cucumber constitutes 90 percent water, so if you get bored of drinking water, feel free to reach for it. Excellent will rehydrate.
7. A great fighter against sunburn and heat. Rehydrate will during hot weather, and will help with burns. Sliced cucumber put the burned area and leave to act. You will feel instant relief.
8. Eliminating toxins from the body. Due to the high water content, cucumber will help the body to eliminate unnecessary toxins and impurities. That is and disintegrating kidney stones.
9. Contains most vitamins you need. It has enough vitamin A, B and C you need in a day to keep your immune system healthy and get the necessary energy.
10. Forget about chewing gum. Cucumber better to refresh the mouth of them, and with it will heal existing lesions. If you place a slice of cucumber on the palate and hold for half a minute, phytochemicals from it will kill all the bacteria responsible for bad breath.
11. Seems hair and nails healthier and more beautiful. Silica in cucumber makes hair and nails stronger and brighter, and also stimulates hair growth.
12. Silicon preserves the health of the joints and facilitates gout arthritis pain. This mineral helps strengthen connective tissue, and if you mix it with carrot juice will help alleviate the pain of arthritis and gout by lowering uric acid levels.
13. Is great for a hangover. If you want to avoid a headache the next day, before going to sleep, eat a couple of slices of cucumber. It contains plenty of vitamin B, sugar, and electrolytes that will make up for the lost nutrients during a stormy night.
14. Preserves healthy kidney. Because it reduces the level of uric acid in the body keeps the kidneys in good shape.
15. Reduce bleeding gums, begin to eat more cucumbers?
16. Is better than energy drinks. Because B vitamins and carbohydrates with cucumbers will get a good source of energy that will rise from the lethargy and give the necessary injection energy.

Author: K.S

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