Special Elixir of Health – Why Don’t You Try It?

Special Elixir of Health… Why Don’t You Try It?

In this sense, the experts recommend the old elixir for health made by the people.
It is a word of beverage consisted of garlic, lemon, ginger, and water. The benefits coming from this drink are uncountable. In fact, it is a word of a combination of 3 super-healthy substances which with their joint and everyday effect can make extremely positive health impact on the human system.

The main apply of this magic elixir are treatment and prevention of clogged arteries (arteriosclerosis), regulation of the high fats in the blood, stopping of the general tiredness of the human system, intensive empowering of the immune system, liver cleansing and improved liver enzymes, cease of the free radicals in the system that causes the most complex diseases and a bunch of other conditions connected to the illnesses of the heart and the bloodstream.

Since the biggest problem with the garlic is the unpleasant smell , the experts are underlining that in this receipt the same is mixed along with the lemon and water and its unpleasant smell is completely neutralized, while the effect is kept thus this shouldn’t be an obstacle for using this elixir.

The ingredients that are needed for preparing this elixir are as following:

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* 4 bigger and whole pieces of garlic (40 bulbs),
* 4 complete lemons with crust,
* a smaller root of ginger (around 3-4 cm) or 2 soup spoons,
* as well as 67.6 oz (2 liters) of clean water

The lemon must be washed well first and cut in small pieces. If it is a word of lemon which is not organic i.e. if the same is being sprayed then you can treat it with a solution of vinegar and water.

Pile the garlic and along with the lemon and the ginger put it into a blender. Mix it all well until you get uniform mass. Then this mass should be added into a metal dish, then pour in 2 liters of water and warm it all along while stirring to the point of boiling. Right before the boiling point turn it off and leave it all to get cold. Filter it through the middle thick strand and put it into glass bottles.

The drink should be drunk every day-per 1 glass of 200 ml at least 2 hours before meal i.e. on completely empty stomach (if you don’t mind you can skip the filtering and drink the thick complete mass). The drink should be kept in the fridge.

The tour lasts for 3 weeks with everyday consumption of 1 glass after which you must make a pause of 1 week, and then you can continue consuming it in the same cycle. In case the taste doesn’t suit you, you can add some honey. 3 weeks later on after using the drink you’ll feel significant regeneration of the body by drinking the magic cure.

The beverage beside the listed benefits above also brings the benefits in ceasing the calcification in the body that causes smaller rocks in the human organs and clogging of the blood vessels. The combination of the lemon, water, and the cooking neutralizes the garlic smell.Before each consumption, you must shake the bottle with the mixture in order for the dreg of the lemon and the garlic on the bottom mixed with the juice. From the experiences we can say that the drink is also excellent for older people, returning them the energy and the strength, making them younger since after a couple of weeks it also improves their circulation.


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