25 Year Old Mom With Cancer Dies After Proving Illness


Megan Zipperer had been fighting cervical cancer for more than a year. In October, doctors gave her six months to a year to live.

She went viral after she posted a video of her diagnosis on Facebook.

Tuesday, the Mayo mother died, leaving behind three kids.

Her friends said she went into cardiac arrest and was sent to the hospital.

Some questioned the validity of her diagnosis and reported her GoFundMe account as a fraud.

“How could people say that? For them to go report the GoFundMe and say that it’s a fraud and that I’m lying or that my family and all my friends are lying. It’s awful,” she said in October.

Lisa Fey, a friend and one her coworkers at Love N Care in Branford, said, “I’m sure that those people that did doubt her and know that they made her last month awful and put so much more stress on her that she didn’t need, I’m sure that they are losing – maybe not as much sleep as her friends and family, but they are losing sleep.”

Her friends remembered the good times.

“We met at a football game and then it just kind of went from there. We’ve been friends through the years. I started working at Love N Care and the first thing she said when she walked through the door was this is family,” said Taren Reaves, another friend, and coworker. “She’s very genuine and nice, just so sweet. She’s a great m

For her GoFundMe page, click here. Her funeral will be on Friday, December 3rd, with visitation at 6pm. It will be held at Airline Baptist Church in Mayo.

via: gofundme.com

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