Does Popcorn Increases Weight if They are Made With Oil – Caloric Value

caloric value of popcorn has always been a topic for itself, and even the nutritionists tend to give different – opposite opinions.

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Does popcorn contain fat or does not, is the dilemma that has long attracted attention. We often get the question whether it should eat popcorn without oil during un-diet, should you eat popcorn during pregnancy and the like. For this reason, we have decided to deal with popcorn in this article in the healthy care and beauty website …

Calories in 100 g of popcorn

The answer to the question of how many calories are in 100 grams of popcorn is very simple – depends on the way they prepare. In the event that you create them in the hot air, without oil and add in it only a small amount of salt, will contain a total of 382 calories and from that definitely, will not increase the  weight. The caloric value of the popcorn is significantly increased if their bets in different accessories, and you need to keep in mind.

Classic cinema version of this irresistible snacks is definitely not healthy because it contains more calories, almost twice – for add larger amounts of oil. With them are particularly harmful and those buying, as industrially processed, added their toppings from hydrogenated oils, sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavors, as well as unhealthy taste enhancers that contain trans fats and higher amounts of salt.

So, forget about the slim waist and slim line, if you are planning to buy this snack in the supermarket or on the street. Also, popcorn with cheese or butter contains even 532 calories in just one hundred grams, almost 150 g more – much, much more. Forget the greased pan and snap popcorn everywhere, because only one large tablespoon oil calorific value rises to as much as 517 calories.

As you can see on the question of whether the popcorn fattening there is no single answer, it depends on how you store them. Goods salty snacks are our choice, we mean that really do not overdo it with salting, because larger amounts of sodium are not good, they bind water and retain it in the body much longer, and therefore will be more difficult. Water retention causes edema, bloating and swelling of the body, especially the legs, so store popcorn without oil and salt on them quite a bit.

Are the popcorn healthy when are prepared without oil

Goods salty popcorn without oil certainly is healthy because they contain valuable amounts of fiber, which will help our metabolism to work better. They are useful for health as a whole, do not harm. Foods rich in fiber is always welcome, improves bowel and cleanses us from deposited sludge and harmful toxins.

Nutritionists, pay attention to the fact that the daily amount of fiber that averages into our body about 15 grams, which is twice less than our needs. If you consume a healthy popcorn without additives and only 100 grams during the day, you will solve this lack very quickly.

Furthermore, if we add to popcorn without oil have a high content of antioxidant elements as well as beta-carotene (66 micrograms per 100 grams), which contains and I popcorn then there is no doubt. That’s the reason more to prepare a bowl of irresistible snacks – should not you feel guilty if they are free of oil, you will not put on weight. In addition to better digestion and slender waist, and are useful for the health of our skin.

Contain vitamin B2 and B1, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Note: popcorn from the microwave are not the best choice because the snacks for this purpose coated with a variety of artificial substances, which are not the healthiest and know that lists people who have an increased tendency to allergies and therefore these are not recommended, pregnant women.

How to make popcorn without oil

Cinema snack can make a home version in several ways. It is best if you have a popcorn maker and then them with a little salt and no added oils say the hot air. They can be made and in the microwave or the old-fashioned way in a pot or pan that is covered. Popcorn shooting at approximately 175 degrees and occurs when our popcorn.

For these prepared in a saucepan or pot, you will need a drop of oil and a good pinch of salt. Place on preheated burner, a pot where you bottom covered with popcorn and all good cover. When you start shooting, shake them a few times, open when the “fire” to stop and that’s surprises, full of pot your delicious snacks, not much else than to sit back and enjoy a good quality movie or sports.

Men sometimes abuse this snack, because they like to combine it with beer, with a note – “just fine match”, then of calories, health and weight loss has nothing to do, educate them a little bit, not everything goes smoothly. I almost forget, during un-diet, you can eat popcorn on the day designated for carbohydrates …

Always make healthy popcorn without oil, it is best to eat as an afternoon snack .

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