Himalayan Salt is Much Healthier Than Table Salt – Health Benefits and Uses

Himalayan salt is the healthiest and purest salt in the world. From many years ago is one of the most valuable foods in the human diet.

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In Korea was one of the main ingredients for the exchange, and in ancient Rome, soldiers were paid with salt. Unlike refined table salt, is metabolized quickly and does not increase the concentration of potassium and sodium in the blood, and therefore does not lead to high blood pressure. Below read about how to use these foods and which are its medicinal properties …


Sodium is the basic nutritional element required our body to maintain the level of the electrolyte, helps regulate blood pressure and normal functioning of muscle tissue. It contains 84 precious elements that are present in our body, and thus supply our body with all the necessary and essential minerals. These minerals are found in Himalayan salt are tiny cell and can easily digest them. Are Himalayan has a unique molecular structure that contains sodium, calcium, magnesium, and iron, which are necessary for proper cell metabolism.

Himalayan salt is more than 250 million years. It was clear in the Himalayan caves, from which the people still manually removed and washed. Natural drying in the sun and after drying packed in bags of organic, in order to maintain the purity of the vibrations of a perfect natural environment. It is used in smaller amounts because it has a fairly intense flavor and therefore is the daily salt intake of less tonnage, which is much better for our health. In addition to pressure regulation, it is excellent for people who torment poor circulation in the legs and arms, which will be discussed later…

  • It is easily absorbed and prevents dehydration of the body.
  • Electrolytes and regulates the water level in the body.
  • They are from the Himalayas regulate blood sugar and prevent diabetes.
  • Helps regulate metabolism and digestive processes.
  • It balances the pH of the cells.
  • It prevents aging of the organism.
  • Supports healthy respiratory tract, especially the sinuses.
  • It helps strengthen bones, especially among children in the developing world.
  • Regenerates brain cells and helps improve concentration and healthy sleep.
  • It prevents muscle cramps.
  • It improves blood circulation and contributes to the health of the vascular system.
  • It affects the detoxification and blood purification.
  • It helps in the work of the liver and kidneys.
  • It can be used for inhalation, the sinus problems, the sore throat, bronchitis, or asthma.
  • Contributes to the improvement of the whole energy level of the organism, encourages better mood and positive thinking.

There is no negative effect – does not damage our stomach and kidneys, as well as internal organs. Also, the taste of the food is more natural when using Himalayan salt. Also, Himalayan lamp eliminates harmful electromagnetic radiation is such lamps is recommended to keep the computer and the TV.

 Himalayan salt – Bath

Himalayan salt is a great addition to your bathroom. The skin, which is our largest organ on which reflects the health of the internal organs. When we use Himalayan salt, all the minerals which it contains are absorbed into the body through the skin. Bio-energy points are balanced, and the energy flow is activated. Brine bath with Himalayan salt may help to many conditions such as:

  • Various skin disorders,
  • Insect bites, wounds, and blisters,
  • For skin irritations,
  • Gynecological problems,
  • Rheumatism and diseases of the joints,
  • In the post-operative recovery.

Detoxification salt bath can be compared with three days of fasting. To obtain the full benefit of a brine bath with Himalayan salt, of great importance is the concentration of salt in the water, should be the same as that in the body. 30 grams of salt from the Himalayas goes to 3 liters of water. The average bath holds about 100 to 120 liters of water, this means that you need for a bath about 1.2 grams of Himalayan salt. The water should have a temperature of about 37 degrees. When you use the healing salt bath with Himalayan salt, do not add anything to soaps, oils. It is necessary that the bath takes about half an hour, and after swimming only a clean towel and rest for at least 40 minutes.
How to use Himalayan salt – soap

At the outset to note that soap Himalayan salt contains 100 percent of the crystal salt and any other additives and ingredients. It is excellent for dry skin, cellulite, herpes, can also be used as a deodorant. At the start of use can be felt a tingling sensation due to irritation of the skin, but do not worry go for just a few minutes. The tingling is a sign of detoxification of the skin. Then use soap of salt from the Himalayas there is no need for a variety of creams and ointments.

Himalayan salt for acne

For acne, skin problems and rash free can be used and Himalayan salt. It is recommended that in the morning to make a solution in which the 3 liters of water poured 100 grams of Himalayan salt. The solution should be cooled and used during the day. Be sure before you start any treatment, exfoliated skin.

Peeling is done by rubbing the skin Himalayan which is mixed with essential and base oils of your choice. Mild and gentle movements, gently rub it into the skin in order to achieve the best effect the operation of oil and salt. Then there is a spread of pores which allow the heating of the body as much as possible the substitution of minerals contained in the Himalayan salt.

The result after treatment is smooth and soft skin that is nourished with minerals. Exfoliation is enough to apply it once or twice a week. A facial flushing does daily to problems as soon withdrew.

Recipes with Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt – nose and sinuses

To prepare this solution, you need the half Litre water and one small teaspoon of salt from the Himalayas. In the old syringe for the nose can not dissolve in the water. When salt crystals begin to accumulate at the bottom of the container and can no longer dissolve, your solution for the nose is ready. Špricnite once in each nostril and you will notice soon that you easier to breathe.
How else can it be used as the Himalayas

In addition to medicinal baths and solutions for the nose, Himalayan salt can also be used in other ways. And these are some of them:

  • To infection ear saline solution that you made from salt and water can also be used as drops.
  • For nausea caused by travel, place a fabric which is filled with Himalayan salts neck.
  • For problems with fungus on your feet, soak your feet in a saline solution.
  • For a sore throat gargling saline solution, but do not swallow it.

 Himalayan salt – Lamp

Himalayan lamp is something that absolutely must be at in your home because it will help in many ways and are much more than ordinary lamps. They are the healthiest source of artificial lighting. If you have a problem with asthma, depression, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, then the Himalayan salt lamp right choice for all your problems. Nevertheless the above, do not forget – this is a unique feng shui detail. It is good to have a little lamp in the office in which you spend a lot of time, or in rooms where your children live.

How lamp Himalayan salt works? When the crystal salt is heated emits negative ions that have a favorable for our health and thus achieves the effect of the natural ionizer. The lamp has a shelf life and is also ideal for a gift to someone special.

Author: K.S

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