Make a Tincture of Life by Yourself – Recipe!

In the permanent search for health and natural cures, the experts in this field recommend a perfect tincture also called Tincture of life.

It’s called this way since it effects on the most vital human systems, most of all to the bloodstream, prevention of the brain and heart stroke, higher fats and clogged blood vessels, especially on the cancer prevention. The receipt for the tincture has been found in different parts of the world. The first sort of the cure consisted of garlic in combination with a strong alcohol base.

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Later on, it was extended with one super-healthy anti-cancer herb which benefits are also not measurable –chilly pepper. The combination of these two plants has created this super cure. The regular use of this tincture will return to you the lost energy first of all through an excellent circulation that will make the same in your body, by filtering completely your circulatory system. Unfortunately, the experts have also noticed that many people during the garlic consumption along with all its curability reject right away the possibility of using it and the reason is one the unpleasant smell.

The experts also understand completely this problem and that’s why they search for solutions that will reconcile this most curable herb with neutralizing its smell. The tincture of life made of white garlic will give you the mega concentration of its healing attributes along with the neutralized smell on the completely natural way. You can prepare this tincture by yourself, very easily, and please believe the experts to their words that you’ll feel huge benefits indeed if you use it regularly.

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The needed ingredients, as well as the preparation, are as following:

  • 10.5 oz (300 grams) of garlic,
  • 3-4 pieces of chili peppers,
  • 10.1 oz (300 ml) of medical alcohol or pure vodka (you can also use the apple vinegar as an alternation).

Look for the domestic organic garlic. Then pile it –the best it would be in gum gloves since it is a word of the bigger amount in order not to stay its strong smell on your hands. Then cut the garlic and mash it in order to get pasty mass. The chilly peppers should be cut in as small as possible pieces and grind them also.


These two masses must be mixed into bigger glass jar or bottle and overflow them with alcohol or vodka. If you don’t have medical alcohol then we recommend you pure vodka without admixtures since it has the weakest smell compared to the other alcohol drinks. If you don’t consume the alcohol (not even for medical purposes) then you can use purely natural apple vinegar in the same amount. The gained mixture should be closed, then shake it well and leave it someplace cold and dark far away from the sun. The mass should stay for 2 weeks at least and you must shake it every day. (If you use vinegar instead alcohol then the tincture must stay 3 weeks at least).

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 After this period ends, the mass must be filtered through a gauze or some other thick strainer, but make sure you mash the entire juice from the mash part since these are the best ingredients).the gained tincture must be poured into a dark bottle that has the chance of dosing on drops. This made tincture can’t get spoiled, the alcohol will be extracted all the useful ingredients of the garlic and the peppers into juice, and the same will in huge amount neutralize the smell of the garlic which is an important fact.

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The tincture is used every single day, measured in small drops, according to special dose which will be explained now: for the day 1 during breakfast number of drops is 1, for lunch 2 and for dinner 3, the second day 4 drops for breakfast, 5 for lunch and 6 for dinner…

For day 5 experts advise using 13 drops for breakfast, 14 for lunch and 15 for dinner, the day 6 you need to take 15 drops for breakfast, 14 for lunch and 13 for dinner, the day 7 take 12 drops for breakfast, 11 for lunch and 10 for dinner… The day 10 take 3 drops for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 1 for dinner.

Then the day 11 you should take per 25 drops for breakfast, 25 for lunch and 25 for dinner, and continue with these amounts until you don’t spend the entire amount of the tincture (which means for breakfast 25 drops, 25 drops for lunch and 25 drops for dinner). The tincture should be drunk during or after the meal diluted into a small cup of mild milk (0,05 l) and you can use yogurt as well. The milk or the yogurt helps for easier consumption and additional neutralization of the garlic’s smell. The tincture should be drunk until this amount is not spent, after which the procedure is not being repeated since this amount is enough. The pause to the next use is minimum 2 years. The tincture will have strong, hot taste of the garlic but we talk about drops diluted into milk, that’s why this shouldn’t be some problem for you.

Be careful: the garlic can impact on your blood pressure, therefore people who have problems with low blood pressure must pay huge attention while using it. In case you conclude this dosing causes you some problems you can accommodate certain doses to your needs -after spending the scheme 1-15 and 15-1 drops you need to take equal daily doses of 10 or 15 drops as your system shows it is bearable for the same. Despite this, there are very little cases and most of the people will bear the suggested doses very good and with no problems.

By using the tincture you’ll feel better and better, while sometimes you could have feelings of hot, sweating, sleepiness etc. which is a consequence of the effect from this natural super cure on your circulation. The benefits of this elixir are countless and the same move between the positive impact on the liver, memory, fat’s regulation, elimination of parasites in the digestion and intestines, to the strong anti-cancerous effect. We especially underline that using this natural cure is good for prevention of heart attack of brain stroke both among people who have experienced them and among those who put efforts to prevent them. Your blood vessels and numerous parasites and bacteria will be completely cleaned.

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