Painkillers/Analgesics – No More Than 2 Times a Week

Headaches from time to time affect almost everyone. Usually, there is a tension-type headache or an ordinary headache.
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Immediately after them, by frequency, headaches can be followed by migraines that are more painful, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. However, in recent decades more and more separated headaches are caused by excessive use of analgesics. They have reached third place and it is estimated that one of them suffers more than one percent of the world’s population!

A headache due to excessive use of analgesics commonly seen in those patients who are at an early age suffered from a migraine or a tension-type headache, and then over the years, because of increasingly frequent headaches, began to drink too much of analgesics:

  • Such patients are in their forties or fifties come to the doctor because of headaches every day, aware that too much to drink this type of drugs, and their effects is becoming weaker. In those cases, we advise off analgesics, and for a period of up to six weeks of headaches should become less frequent and painful. The therapy usually introduced drugs that act preventively, thus affecting it that thins the number of attacks of a headache.


Modern medicine knows over 200 types of headaches, and for each of them, there are clearly defined diagnostic criteria. Some headaches are a disease for themselves, and some are a symptom of other diseases, and even disappear when the disease cured.

Those people who from time to time have a headache, which recognize that is caused by stress, fatigue, skipping meals or cold, may or may not need to take a painkiller. So, if they know that they will be a headache when you go get some sleep, eat tasty and warm meal breaks or take a walk in the fresh air does not have to drink the medicine. However, those who suffer from an intense and frequent headache  should take analgesic/painkiller with the appearance of the first symptoms.

A number of patients discomfort due to the deprivation of analgesics are more pronounced. The attacks are a very intense headache, followed by general weakness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and whom we refer to hospital treatment, and drugs that help to overcome difficulties due to lack of analgesics are given infusion.

It is believed that due to the frequent use of analgesics, therefore no large doses but frequent use, there are changes in the receptor pathways that are responsible for recognizing pain, headache and began to develop as the drug concentration in the blood falls. Such headaches are usually worse in the morning because at night the highest decreases the amount of drug in the blood.

Analgetics should not drink more often than twice a week, regardless of whether it is used for headaches or other pain. Anything more than that is considered to be repeated use, therefore, requires determination of the therapy with analgesics, but drugs for the treatment of chronic pain.

The problem is patients who have more than two attacks per month. Since so taking painkillers harmful recommend them preventive therapy. These are the drugs of different pharmacological groups, such as drugs that are normally used to treat heart failure, depression or epilepsy who, each their mechanism prevents the start of headache attacks. Thus reducing the number and severity of a headache.

No, drugs are given six months to a year but will be abolished. However, their effect remains for years. Although not yet determined precisely how it does so, it turned out that in this way recovering neural network pain.
A migraine can be daily, but most occur once or twice a month. However, it is a strong headache accompanied by nausea and vomiting and general weakness which is why the World Health Organization ranked a migraine to list the top 10 reasons of incapacity for work, and considering the fact that her three times more likely to suffer a woman, she is among them in the first five reasons for absence from work.

For years, the available drugs called anti-migraine agents who have excellent results. However, due to the fact that each a migraine means stagnation of the stomach, for its most efficient remediation are better drugs that they do not have to drink. In the world there antimigraine which are inhaled through the nose, in the form of self-administration of injections or suppositories. Unfortunately, they are considerably more expensive than tablets, so that’s why in our country are not so widespread. The same is true for the treatment of Botox, which is used to treat migraines.

This is certainly a cluster headache, which often suffers from men. Unfortunately, there are many doctors do not recognize the disease, so patients with even seven to eight years of delays and inadequate treatment specialists suggest, a neurologist. This is absurd because it is a disease that is more common than multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Characterized by the fact that it occurs in the same period of the year, often with night attacks when a very heavy pain in the depths of the eye on the same side of the head, and this eye turns red and narrow.


The main task of the review is to exclude the existence of some of the disease that is manifested headache. Because the causes of its occurrence are many and the head can hurt because of the cold and because of a brain tumor. If it is determined that it is a headache, which in itself is a disease, determine the appropriate treatment for attacks of pain, and if necessary, preventive medications to reduce the frequency of headaches.

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