Chamomile Plant, Tea, and Oils: Benefits and Uses (recipes)

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla, Chamomilla Recutita) or popularly chamomile, is one of the oldest drugs in traditional medicine. Blossom from May to September.

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The flowers are healing. The main active ingredient of chamomile is essential oil azulene, blue oil, which is very sensitive and easily evaporates.
It is grown on plantations for commercial use and as raw materials for cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals. Chamomile has a strong calming effect. It is known to soothe problems with digestion, relieves spasms and relaxes the nerves.

For external use, the healing effect on the skin and mucous membrane of the mouth and eyes, soothe rashes, sores, and inflammation. At burns, milder forms can be put turn immersed in tea made from this plant. Chilled chamomile tea can serve as eye water and so calm redness or irritation resulting from conjunctivitis and other forms of eye inflammation. For this purpose, always use freshly prepared tea, which you during the day kept in sterile containers.

If the tea daily used for rinsing the mouth and throat, can help in healing wounds in the mouth and prevent gum disease.

Colds beneficial effect inhaled vapor obtained by using chamomile extract. Against sunburn, water bath can be added to the oil of chamomile or that this oil mixed with almond oil and rubbed on the city burns. The oil is used diluted and not used for internal use.

Sunburn and rashes on the skin (such as eczema) should alleviate the cream of chamomile.

Chamomile is one of the most important herbs for skin and hair. Anyone who several times a day rinses your face or body of chamomile tea, the second day will notice how beneficial effect on the skin, so the skin is lighter, softer, gentler. Rinse hair with chamomile causes it to become soft and shiny, and with it comes to brightening hair in people with brown or lighter.

Chamomile causes relaxation and reduces stress. The relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, making it easier for disturbances in digestion, helps with bowel disease, disorders in diverticulosis and other ailments. The fact chamomile to relax the muscles can ease menstrual cramps.

Chamomile should not boil. Also, strain it immediately, and do not leave it to stand for more than an hour in a cup of tea. Reheating of chamomile tea is not recommended.

Tea is saved by a tablespoon of chamomile pour into a cup and pour boiling water only, cover and after five minutes standing strain the tea and drink. To tea had a curative effect, it must be stronger and to drink three times a day for a long time, especially in psychosomatic diseases, cramps caused by stress, insomnia, and nervous stomach.

The belief that chamomile can be consumed in unlimited quantities, especially for diseases or cleansing the body experts, however, disputed. No matter what this mild tea, moderation is important. You should also know that some people are allergic to chamomile, so they are not recommended. If you are rash, heartburn, redness, burning sensation, stop using chamomile.


Chamomile can make the oil in a very simple way. In a jar or wide bottle to pour fresh chamomile flowers almost to the top, pour olive oil and virgin container closed to keep the sun 2-3 weeks, and strain into a clean container.

The cold bath adds 4-5 drops of chamomile oil or a few cups of chamomile tea. Stay in it for at least half an hour. This bath except that relaxes, can provide relief from sunburn, as well as itching and dry skin. For baths can serve only a handful of flowers, which are inserted directly into the warm water.

Tea for Everything

It is prepared by two teaspoons of dried flowers poured over a cup of hot (not boiling) water. Allow to stand for five minutes, then strain. Drink up to three cups a day, or one cup before bed for relaxation and restful sleep. If you want tea applied to the skin or eyes, keep it well chilled, pour it into a sterile container and keep it covered until the moment of use.

Tea can also be used to rinse the oral cavity and pharynx in the case of inflammation. In the treatment of skin diseases accelerates wound healing, calms inflammation, and irritation.

It is often used for gynecological washing. It is useful for respiratory inhalation for a cold, allergic rhinitis and the like.
Relieves pain

Chamomile and milk are recommended as a remedy for painful menstruation and as a coating being prepared by one tablespoon of chamomile flowers poured with 2 dl hot milk. After a few minutes, strain, while it is still warm, wet gauze or other suitable fabric and keep compress over the abdomen.

Tincture against hemorrhoids

Tincture of chamomile flower heads is a solution in alcohol, and says as follows: 10 grams of dried chamomile flowers put in a dark bottle and poured with 100 grams of 70-proof alcohol and left to stand for 4 weeks with occasional shaking. Then strain it through a cloth into another dark bottle. This tincture is used for minor injuries of the skin and is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids.
Beautiful hands, healthy mouth

Hot water with chamomile tincture is a cure for hands which reduces cracks in the hands and cuticles. It is very effective for the prevention of inflammatory processes in the mouth, throat, and lips. It is used in a way that is a little tincture put in a solution of warm water and rinse mouth.

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