Comfrey Ointment (salve) – How to Make – Healing Power and Uses

Ointment of comfrey is an essential part of phytotherapy and  folk medicine, where is implemented completely independently or as a supplement to many medicinal teas and tinctures, and is mainly used for outdoor use.
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The herb comfrey has innumerable medicinal properties, particularly effective in problems with fractures and bone, but also in numerous other health problems. In this text learn how to make a comfrey ointment without preservatives and artificial additives, therefore, completely natural and that all methods can be used.

Comfrey Ointment – Use

At the very beginning one note, for medicinal purposes use the leaves of comfrey and his precious root, which is best collected in the spring or late fall. When the excavation, it is necessary to wash thoroughly, also to maintain all of its healing properties and precious juice, it is recommended that you first dries, then it is cut into small pieces, and allowed to dry in the warm as appropriate.

The leaves should be dry in a favorable shadowy place. Domestic ointment of comfrey is mostly applied and used to lubricate the affected joints – with knee arthrosis, rheumatic pain, muscle injuries, cuts and wounds, insect bites, burns, painful and inflamed hemorrhoids, varicose veins, arthritis, or for cosmetic purposes – for example, Comfrey ointment for face, anti-wrinkle, firming, etc ..

The recipe for ointment from comfrey like most other folk recipes of medicinal herbs, remained the same as it was and a few hundred years, but certain ingredients get a replacement (for example, the starting base for many preparations was lard or persons who do not want to use it can be used by vegetable fat). In addition, many of the sheets are beeswax, which provides strength, and other medicinal herbs, of pleasant scent, a few drops of essential oils.

Vegetable fats and oils have a beneficial effect in the case of joint and bone diseases, muscle aches, sprains, dislocations, hemorrhoids and many skin diseases – why is especially recommended comfrey ointment. Some recipes are used also in the case of respiratory diseases, as a compressor and massage.

Ointment of Comfrey

  • 50 grams of dried well comfrey root,
    High-quality olive oil – one decilitre,
    25 grams of a quality beeswax.

In the bowl Pour cold water, and add finely chopped comfrey, and so that it completely covers the water and let them stand  for 12 hours. In another metal pan, melt beeswax and add a decilitre of olive oil. Remove from the stove-top and sleep mixture into another bowl (preferably porcelain) and then add comfrey who is standing for. Gently stir with a wooden spoon , until ingredients finely not merge into a harmonious homogenous mixture. Cover the bowl and the next six hours wait to stand. Again warm a little bit, then filter and poured into glass jars.

Ointment of comfrey with beeswax also needs to be kept in a cool place – best in the fridge .

IMPORTANT NOTE: To create ointments and creams are mostly used dried plants because fresh water contains, which can encourage the development of mold and bacteria. Although this problem can be solved by adding natural preservatives and storage products in the refrigerator, it is better not to risk that.

Fresh herbs should be dried carefully, so what finer chop to oil or grease tied for yourself the maximum number of plant cells. Exactly proceed and if you are planning to make a healing ointment of comfrey.

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