Nocturnal Enuresis (bedwetting) in Children – Causes and Treatment

There are frequent examples of children who wet the bed. The causes of this problem, which lies in the inability of the child to control the sphincters (circular muscles that close), are many and varied, and sometimes even ignored. There is, however, a number of treatments and natural remedies for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children.

As is well known, bed-wetting is a disorder of childhood in boys and girls, which consists in the unconscious urination during sleep. Except for rare exceptions, adults do not wet the bed, except when suffering from significant anomalies of the urinary tract, or diabetes mellitus, chronic urinary retention, urinary tract infection, hidden Espino Bifida, or perhaps serious emotional problems. These examples, however, are rare and do not apply to most children who wet the bed.
When children are full eighteen months, began to control the sphincters of the bladder and anus. It is estimated that with two and a half
The children still do not control sphincters, while five years, about 15% of children still wet the bed, and she was twelve 5%. Thus, the problem of bedwetting in bed is much bigger than it appears at first sight. First, bedwetting is not a disease, but it is a problem that is often very difficult to solve. Nocturia affects more boys than girls; often children who at birth had a low weight of those who had normal or increased weight. They say that children who wet the bed at night have a lower bladder. This is only partly true, since the lower bladder capacity in most cases caused by a spasm of the muscles of the pelvic zone, which, in addition, higher sensitivity predetermines urinary sphincter.
For this reason, most children who suffer from bed-wetting during the day very often wet.

Although many believe that bed wetting has to do with what you drink and eat, there are many scientific studies linking this problem with some kind of food allergy.
Basically, the theme of allergies to foods associated with skin rashes, asthma attack or other serious and visible changes. There are, however, numerous hidden allergies that just caused some nerve irritation or slight change
internal mucous membrane, which is difficult to diagnose.
Basic allergenic foods are cow’s milk, chocolate, eggs, cereal, corn, pork, oily fish, seafood, asparagus, sour fruit (lemon, orange, grapefruit).

The consequences of constipation. Constipation causes an increase in fecal mass in the lower part of the stomach causes pressure on the bladder, with a reduction in overall capacity and increasing the urge to urinate.
Recall that feeling of urination comes from a given level of tension suffered by the walls of the bladder.

Exercise reflex micturition
It is also very important to learn the reflex micturition in order to improve the ability of self-control child. In the first place, it is recommended that the child which is wet during the day teaches that before going to the bathroom a bit retains urine. Many children, when they are wet, feel the need to immediately carry out, no waiting.

Even when a child starts to urinate, also are useful exercises to hold urine, which consist of stopping urination, urination, stopping, continuing urination. In this way, strengthens the ability of conscious control of leakage. If such an exercise is performed for six weeks, usually get positive results, although someone will be necessary for some time.

There is another series of factors that parents need to pay attention to the fight against nocturnal enuresis. In the first place, it is necessary to separate genital hygiene because the mildest of infections in this zone is disturbing and increases the problem.

Avoid cold during sleep
The cold also causes an increased need to urinate; should strive to chill in bed not encourage your child to pee in their pants.
Obviously, a child who wets the bed every night should empty your bladder before going to sleep and not drinking too much liquid during dinner. However, we will try to find out about the time of the wet the bed. Most often this happens in the early morning hours, at the end of sleep and the time when it starts to be. Then it is important to raise by half an hour earlier, take him to the bathroom to pee and return it to bed. If the child wet the beginning of sleep or early in the morning, you should wake him up around midnight and put him to pee. This system, however, has one drawback: because the child often urinates in a dream, so this way does not help that it becomes aware that wet the bed. Often these problems are reduced during the summer when the outdoor temperature reduces the need to urinate; Moreover, it is a time when increased physical activity in the open air. As a general rule, to be applied both in winter and in summer, the child needs to do powerful exercises on the air, you do not need to have a competitive sense and it does not bother too much.

The psychological factor
Much has been made about a child with this disorder unconsciously trying to distract their parents.
It is wrong to think that a child who wets his bed suffering from a lack of love. However, it is often observed that child neglect their own needs (day or night) and that the difficulties in re-birth of a younger brother or sister, or when the mother starts. In the first place, it should be noted that children constantly reproving you pee in bed serve no purpose. If you scold them severely, the fear of urination can cause more tension, which will cause even wetter and will make it difficult removal. Parents should not attach much importance if the child occasionally wet the bed; accepting it as a normal thing, parents should carefully explain to children that this problem needs to be addressed and will have therefore to be at night or to lift the cup of water or milk before bed. The child must not have noticed that parents are too excited and concerned about this problem because such behavior could not substantiate his unconscious behavior that bedwetting draws attention.

The use of diapers, especially in children who are older than five years, does not contribute to solving the problem, because the absorbent material does not allow the child to realize that that night pee. The fact that it did wet and it feels wet, that he does not mind that he was embarrassed, will force it to be: often wakes up at night, which is good in a way because the child will also become aware of their problems. It is the comfort of parents who feel obliged to late night get up, clean the child and every day he changes the sheets. In the event that children wet the bed every night, it might be more convenient to be put Pampers diapers by the time the frequency decreases and then stop putting diapers and set only waterproof pad over the mattress.

If along of all this, the child is still wet, it may be best to consult a doctor. In this case, there are some natural treatments that can be used. Pharmacological treatment is not advisable. In the first place because it is a substance with retroactive effect, ie, act on the nervous system, which is not recommended for children because they are in the full development of their brains and mental abilities. In the second place, because of their effectiveness in solving problems is very bad and meaningless unless accompanied by special measures in the home and change the behavior of the family for the child. Have achieved significant success in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis by acupuncture and foot reflexology (foot massage).
They are also effective and teas from certain plants (which are always drinking in the morning and at noon, never at night), which to some extent can help in solving problems; meaning, the plantain, madder, and oatmeal.

Bathing in warm and salty water (500 g of salt in the bath or basin) before bedtime and dinner can help reduce the problem. Also a useful bath with tea cereal. There is another view that nocturia indicates a lack of calcium and magnesium in the body. Foods rich in these ingredients can also be beneficial.

Author: K.S

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