Shocking: One Man Lived For Months In Agony – Doctors Did Not Know What It Is !!

Read this shocking real story… “I thought I would die,” says Kim Pace who for six months lost more than 30 kilograms, and until then he had a normal weihgt.

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She was not talking about diet nor of eating disorders – but the fear of stabbing pain on the left side of his face every time he opened his mouth.

No tooth brushing is not an option because the slightest touch driven by waves of unbearable pain, which Pace describes as electric shocks. Analgesics and even morphine would provide relief only briefly.

Unable to work, Pace first took sick leave and then resigned in the workplace financial consultant bank at the age of 59 years.

The first half of 2012, the man has spent visiting various specialists in Pennsylvania and asking them for help. They had no way to agree on a possible cause his pain.

Some of them believed that the side effects of pain medication he was taking, others are suspected to a migraine, the third on dental problems and even mental illness, addiction to painkillers …

Even after one of the young doctors came to what later turned out to be the correct diagnosis, the specialists were disagreements regarding the manner of treating the patient.

His wife and nurse Carol says that this is what the two of them asked many questions about the disease and the treatment led to them doctors characterized as “difficult case”, the type of patients that is normally avoided.

To make matters worse at Pace has discovered a serious but unrelated disorder that is further aggravated diagnostic image.

So Pace in July 2012 told his wife that he thought he would die, and she was in despair for help reputable specialist in Baltimore.

“I looked at him and thought, ‘He will really die … terrible has lost weight and has a gray face’ and doctors wrote him off. I decided that I would be a nurse just paid to monitoring his condition and finally find the appropriate assistance, “said Carol.

Her dedication has brought results – three weeks later, Pace went to the corrective surgery for a rare condition that causes such intense pain that the doctors called “terrifying”.

“I knew it feels real. I just wanted to prove to everyone that you do not act and that we really need help, “said Pace.

Symptoms appeared in January 2012, with an occasional feeling of firing on the left side of his face and down his throat. The pain from mild quickly moved to an intense feeling.

Because the patient is taking a number of drugs for a number of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, and depression, doctors are suspected to be the first drug reactions.

Another option that is imposed as a logical was gastroesophageal reflux (regurgitation of stomach acid).
By the end of March, there was a new symptom, twitching face, and the pain worsened, especially during chewing.

“Nothing could ease the pain,” he said.

His family doctor advised the abolition of antidepressants, or psychiatrist disagreed.

Easter in April, Pace spent lying on the couch, giving up a festive treat for fear it would hurt him too much. He looked so bad that his wife took him to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with “burning mouth syndrome” for which there is no specific cure.

A few days later, Pace visited a dentist, who has prescribed a special toothpaste and diet to relieve the burning feeling.

Two weeks after that, he collapsed at work and ended up in the emergency room because of severe chest pain. Doctors diagnose heartburn.

A few days later, because of severe pain in the stomach, established a new diagnosis – an inflammation of the gallbladder, common in diabetics. He was sent to surgery to remove the organ that has stopped working.

In the meantime, the pain in his face from baking moved to sense a series of electric shocks, which continued to be a stable symptom.

Having nothing concrete has been found as the cause, it is easier to be patient declared insane.

The pace soon there was nothing he could eat. The wife would put peanut butter on a spoon or a ready puree the soup, but the time and it has become difficult to eat.

The couple consulted a multitude of specialist – a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist … One day the yogi wife Carol described the symptoms of members of the group, a woman said her mother – which is a condition diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia, specific for muscle spasm caused by pain – have similar health problems.

It is a non-specific pain, tied for fifth cranial or trigeminal nerve. Some of the causes of the pressure vessel to the nerve injury during sinus surgery occurs in multiple sclerosis, certain tumors … The disease is twice as prevalent in women as in men older than 50 years.

“The pain can destroy a patient mentally and physically, which is why this disorder sometimes called the suicide disease”, says the US National Institute of Neurological Disorders.

Morphine and other opioids have no effect on pain.

When Carol mentioned that doctors her husband ordered her are that there is too vivid imagination.

However, neurologist, University “John Hopkins” finally confirmed the diagnosis and said Pace was not crazy.

The operation, which was conducted in August 2012 was more complicated than what the doctors thought, but during it was revealed that two arteries pushing painful nerve that wore scars.

The pace was once an active athlete, but doctors believe that a possible cause of the disorder are numerous concussions he suffered then.

The pace today live without pain and says he owes his life to the doctor Michael Lim, who is finally deprived of pain.

Author: K.S

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