Is It True That Cigarettes Causes Lung Cancer – The Truth and Myth About Smoking

Tobacco is hundreds of years was considered as a medicinal plant but for only 50 years ago became a difficult vice that kills.

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Spanish sailors Rodrigo de Jerez and Luis de Torres are in Cuba for the first time discovered the magic of smoking tobacco. Completely confused watched the natives bent dried and chopped leaves of tobacco leaf palm or corn and “true to the form of guns of paper,” wrote Jared. “Having to light one arm, they began to drink the smoke that was coming out of there.”
When it out of his mouth and nose started to smoke him out, passers-by were so scared that it is the world papal Inquisition sentenced to seven days in prison. But as he found himself on the loose tobacco this madness has already begun that affects almost the entire Spain.

The healing properties of tobacco have been widely accepted. They used by doctors a cough, headache, and helped in the treatment of a migraine and the French Queen Catherine de ‘Medici, but the tobacco of 1561 called the “Queen’s grass”.

The only thing that people breathe air unless it was cigarette smoke. Thus, the government began to make construction in that it drew similar scientists (read regime) that its adequate scientific studies have proven harmful effects of tobacco and its relationship with smoking.

But to prove scientifically that something causes a particular disease sought rigorous tests and solid evidence.
Suspicious agent (cigarette smoke) had to be isolated and then adequately controlled laboratory conditions had to cause lung cancer in laboratory animals.
Do you believe that not two hundred cigarettes a day, over a period of several decades of research, failed to produce lung cancer in any of the test animals? Or maybe you personally know anyone who had ever smoked a cigarette, and suffering from lung cancer? Well, well, he was a “passive smoke” in a smoky environment, will tell the doctors. And that, they say, too.
It seems, however, that similar scientists were forced to invent, while on conscientious (the real scientists) know that this is not true. And the public (as they could) amounted to. To complicate things even more in scientific debates, contributed to the assertion of Professor Theodore Sterling with Simon Fraser University in Canada.

He even presented the thesis that many smokers rarely suffer from lung cancer because smoking is formed in the lungs thin layer of mucus that “represents a protective cover to help prevent radioactive particles from penetrating deeper into the tissue.” Thus, radioactive particles remain trapped in this mucus can even cough and be thrown out.

Scientific counter-argument to this statement Professor Sterling was not. But the attacks on him have performed paid columnists and editors of global media. He can not be trusted, they claimed, because of tobacco companies he received $ 5 million for this research.

So, as soon as all the talk about the harmfulness of tobacco, there must be something. For instance, what is the secret ingredients of the cigarettes due to flavor inserted producers? There! There are carcinogens.

But, the another side has not yet taught. All research conducted included  all the ingredients of cigarettes, as well as a constituent of these secrets, they argued the real scientists. And not a single mouse from tobacco smoke is not earned lung cancer.

This discussion of scientists and doctors divided into two camps lasted for several decades, although the media often been put into the background.

What scientists can’t say , because they have any scientific evidence, paid editors and journalists can . That started propaganda with lies. Citizens were shown pictures of black lungs of smokers, to the more intimidated. Only forensic experts and pathologists were able to understand the lie because nicotine leaves nothing to the lungs and all traces of the lungs are pink. Forensics nicotine seeks mainly to fingers. Black lungs in miners who had been ingested massive amounts of coal dust. Thus, cigarette smokers do not have black lung.
But because it has not yet determined whether cigarettes causing cancer, you should avoid it, or reduce.

Author: K.S

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