Sleeping With Socks – Habits For Better Sleeping

If you have trouble sleeping, problems still may not be in your head. In fact, it could easily be – at your feet!

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The quality of sleep is one of the most important things that we need to provide for your body, so to be healthy, rested and fresh for the next day. Although it is a dream for some people redundant topics, because they do not have a problem with it, others are trying to do everything possible to be able to fall asleep faster and stay awake until morning.

Many wonder whether wearing socks help?

While some sleep in socks feels weird, unattractive or even unhealthy, the fact is that warm feet a positive effect on sleep. The feet are first cooled, and poor circulation may make it difficult to sleep. Studies show that sleeping in socks reduces the number of the night getting up!

Cold feet are the most common reason why people want to wear socks to bed. Wearing socks, you can sleep more comfortable and faster. If your feet are cold due to poor circulation, your body will try a lot more to your feet warm. Since your body is working harder, longer stay awake. If your body can relax, fall asleep easier for you. Socks will help warm up your feet, so you’ll be more relaxed.

Swiss scientists have discovered that when we are on the verge of sleep, the body diverts blood flow to our arms and legs. When the extremities warm, their blood vessels can dilate and allow greater blood flow, which naturally helps in the redistribution of blood – and helps you fall asleep faster and more comfortable.

So if you have trouble sleeping, a solution could be very simple – put on to yourself a warm pair of socks.

So definitely there are health benefits, but you must pay attention and on a few things. The first thing you should know is that socks can contain a lot of bacteria. The bad idea if you’re going to sleep in the same socks that you wear during the day.

This is a perfect way of getting fungal or similar foot problems.

Hygiene should always be a priority when it comes to wearing socks in bed. One should always change your socks before going to bed, and it would be well and wash the feet. Do not forget (for fungi) thoroughly dry the feet, especially between the toes.

The question is – what kind of socks to choose?

Do not wear socks that are too narrow, thick or from synthetic materials. Make sure that the socks have a good comfortable elastic band at the top of that you would not fall and time again disturbed sleep.

If you have thick socks and feet become too heated, it will become sweaty, it will create a lot of bacteria on them.

It is best to choose a thin to medium-thick socks made of natural materials (cotton, wool, …). The socks made of natural materials, the skin will breathe better and your feet will be happy, no sweat and no bacteria.

If you have an aversion to wearing socks to bed, rubber bottle with hot water at the foot of the bed can be used …

Wear socks in bed?

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