Bladder Inflammation – Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments

Inflammation of the bladder in men and women known as cystitis is a very common disease, whose main symptom frequent urge to urinate, which is usually accompanied by uncomfortable burning sensation when urinating.

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According to statistics, 85 percent of cystitis is caused by bacteria that make up the normal intestinal and vaginal flora, while the bladder infections in the remaining 15 percent of cases caused by different viruses, allergic reactions, or fungi, and some drugs.

Although it can occur in both sexes, often encountered inflammation of the bladder in women, because they are due to anatomical very sensitive to this infection. The anus and vagina are located next to each other, but if absent adequate hygiene measures, different microbes, and bacteria can easily penetrate from the anus to the vagina and then to the urethra (the opening leading to the bladder).

The bacteria that most commonly causes disease of the bladder is E. coli. Proper nutrition and strengthening the immune system is an important part of prevention, and can help you to deal with and is already resulting infection, even without medication. In this article learn how to cure inflammation of the bladder with the help of herbs and healthy diet …


When inflammation of the bladder flare, there is a constant urge to urinate, followed by firing and annealing, and many feel the pain in the lower abdomen. Can occur and nocturia, difficulty retaining urine, urinating small amounts of urine, a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder and the like.

During cystitis, urine changes color and smell and may take the milky or opaque appearance and even reddish if it contains a small amount of blood. In addition to these symptoms, may occur and fever, high fever, nausea, and vomiting, fatigue and pain in the lower back and flanks. Also, symptoms of inflammation of the bladder may be absent or very mild, and cystitis discovered by chance in urine laboratory analyses performed for diagnosis of other diseases and the like.

While the aforementioned signs and symptoms of cystitis are present, doctors warn that it is necessary to restrain from sexual activity and that it would be necessary to make a good hydration (drinking two to three liters liquids during the day). Since the clinical presentation of UTI, what is strong and inflammation of the bladder should be distinguished asymptomatic bacteriuria – the existence of a significant number of bacteria in the urine, and that there were no symptoms of urinary tract infections, and seven days before providing a urine sample.

Suppose also that it is asymptomatic bacteriuria a lot more common in older people, especially women, and treatment is generally not justified, except in high-risk patient groups, which include pregnant women and patients with a weakened immune system.


The fall in the level and lack of estrogen after menopause can affect the operation of the bladder and urethra, which increases the risk of developing this infection. The body loses water with aging, but all tissues become firmer and rougher. The same applies to the walls of the bladder – they significantly lose elasticity, contraction is not as effective as before in his youth.

And this results in incomplete emptying of the bladder, which is certainly a risk factor for the development of the disease as it inflammation of the bladder – cystitis. Some proponents of natural and alternative medicine, therefore, advise women in menopause to once every two weeks mandatory keeps starvation diet, which lasts for 36 hours. It proved to be excellent as a form of prevention with a bladder infection. During fasting should drink water, teas, squeezed juices and eat fruit. After 36 hours can continue with a normal, balanced diet based on fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Also, inflammation of the bladder during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon, because in future mother in the urinary tract occur significant changes, which certainly facilitates the formation of different types of infections. The second condition comes not only to increase the uterus (up to 20 times) but is increased and kidneys, which jointly pressing the bladder. In this case, no discharge is not completely, urine is retained longer, its acidity is reduced and that all favors the development of cystitis.

Cranberry cleans  bacteria

Cranberry is one of the best herbal remedies for urinary tract infections. A quality cranberry juice prevents the development of bacteria and their adhesion to the walls of the bladder. 1 dl drink cranberry juice (natural and unsweetened) a day. If the juice is not available, can be taken and cranberry capsules to be taken with plenty of water.

Birch relieves pain
Birch leaf is a natural diuretic and reduces pain associated with urinary tract infections.

Dandelion reduces the burning sensation
Tea dandelion is diuretic, stimulates the kidneys and facilitates problems (baking).

Blueberry effective as cranberry
Blueberry is a powerful antioxidant and is effective almost like cranberry with cystitis.

Mallow strengthens bladder
Marshmallow root inhibits the growth of bacteria, cleans and strengthens the bladder.

Uva as an antiseptic
Uva Ursi in lower doses and in combination with other herbs has diuretic and antiseptic which is useful against e. Coli.

Barley strengthens the kidneys
Tea made from barley is very useful because it strengthens kidney function (put 0.5 cups of barley to 1.5 liters of water, when a boil over low heat to leave for another 15 minutes).

Drink plenty of fluids
In these infections, it is good to drink a lot of liquids 2-3l day.

Parsley and celery natural cleaners
The diet to include celery, parsley, and watermelon, which are natural diuretics and cleaners bladder.

The bath of chamomile pain
Twice a day for 20 minutes sitting in baths that reduce pain, baths make chamomile.

Tropical fruits, because it changes the pH of urine
Avoid citrus fruit that seems to be alkaline urine which encourages the growth of bacteria.

Alcohol and coffee, as it pleases the bacteria
Avoid alcohol, coffee, sugar, chocolate, refined foods, which encourages the growth of bacteria.

Iron, because of him, bacteria grow
During infection should not take iron, bacteria need iron to grow, the body of stored iron in the liver, spleen, and bone marrow in order to prevent bacterial growth.

Milk products as food Escherichia
Avoid dairy products in the course of infection because they are the perfect food for Escherichia (sugar and dairy products are the basis of the food)

Homeopathic remedies:

The benefits of mild to severe cystitis bleeding. Very baking during urination, every drop of it seems like acid. Severe pain that temporarily give way after urination. When pain is the main symptom. It’s easier than a cold compress.

Berberis vulgaris
Glaringly pain from the kidney towards the bladder, feeling as if the kidneys there is boiling, pains change place when urinating pain descend in the groin and thigh pain occurring before and after urination while during urination better. It’s better than fresh air is worse than the slightest movement, standing and getting up.

Profuse urination, strong roast at the end of urination, pain comes with the last drops. Up from the cold and wet weather.

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