How Cell Phones Affects the Human Body-Children and Adults

you know that your child will be in a few years (maybe ten or twenty) to get a brain tumor because of the mobile phone (cellular or wireless home) what would you do?

Резултат слика за mobile phones for children


Take child gadget that all children today have is not easy. Mobile phone in recent years crept into our lives as something that is necessary. Just like the TV and car. No, this is not a luxury, they will tell you all – it is a necessity of modern man.

Yes, just as the generation after World War II and taught to think – to live today and to comply with their needs and pleasures. Creating consumer ideology is precisely the task of the mass media that work with the West and act globally. About the possible tragic consequences of this made the company into the future – no one is thinking.

But wireless communications are not the first very risky and dangerous devices that people from consumer and manipulated society uncritically accepted. There are also X-ray machines and ultrasound, reconciliation, without which the modern medical diagnosis has become “impossible”. There are also many medications as well as numerous medicinal and useful substances, an integral part of many of the products we use every day.

However, the biggest problem is when some of these uncritically accepted technological inventions dangerous to life and health of many generations, while public institutions and competent on silent or conceal information at their disposal. What to say about the doctors who now see that the cancers received the epidemiological situation, but they are convinced that the cause of this disease is still not known. Of course, they are waiting for a scientific or medical authority to communicate. But there are interests that are worth more than a billion human lives.

Perhaps this essay will help those who have the patience to read it till the end, you start to think without others’ minds.

MOBILE PHONE not the same as TOBACCO

That the mobile phone is harmful to human health, particularly children, may be more discreetly read in some local media in recent years. The word “harmful”, however, is associated with a warning similar to the one located on each pack of cigarettes.

Many will say so – “I know, much more is harmful, but …” people, however, do not leave tobacco so easy. The same story is likely to be with the mobile phones that were already many hooked and I can not live without them.

Unfortunately, the adverse effects of wireless communications and the harmful effects of cigarette (smoke) are two completely different things. They are different as heaven and earth.

Tobacco is a plant, is part of nature and its combustion does not destroy the genetic content of cells in the body. On the contrary. When we inhale the smoke, the body knows how to defend himself from what he does not like it and it makes the lungs coughs or discharge of harmful fumes. This knowledge (know-how) are located at the cellular level.

Imagine this information and there is no reaction. Of course, one would be quickly suffocated.

Of course, high-quality tobacco just smells and it does not cause a cough. On the contrary, the body in it knows how to enjoy and relax.

But, unlike many of smoke radio, waves and ultra-ultra low-frequency which are a man constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields quite freely pass through the body and cells to them do not react. Or you might react, but we do not notice it. At least not right away.

Any change in the electromagnetic field in the human environment are manifested primarily at the cellular level. Because of the entire universe, and all the earth and every particle in the human body – vibrating. And all vibrations are somehow aligned and vibrate together in a certain rhythm as one large well-trained orchestra with percussion. That’s how the whole Universe. A man is only a tiny part of the Universe.

Is it something energy, material information, water, air, stone, plasma … we differ only on the basis of the frequency of vibration.

It is known that some opera singers strength of his voice can destroy a glass jar. This happens when a certain frequency voice matches the frequency at which vibrates the glass and the glass breaks easily because of the molecule even more agitated.

For example, human brain vibrates in the frequency range 0.5 to 500 Hz but is usually up to 50 Hz. Each device that works in this frequency range can affect the functioning of the brain.

Although one of the cells in the human body so tiny that it is visible only under a strong microscope, one for its functionality and complexity surpasses even the most complex personal computer to date made.

In each cell takes place extremely complex barely perceptible process of electromagnetic vibration that takes place in every thousandth of a second, when you create all biochemical molecules and proteins underlying life.

Only one cell in the human body can be carried out 50 000 different biochemical reactions. It carries the DNA molecule billion bits of data with the knowledge (know – how) to survive. This DNA molecule contains about 100 000 genes, of which 5000 are active and produce about 5000 different proteins. Protein is even life. Only the nature of the position to make the protein. When some kind of animal or plant ceases to reproduce, it can not be re-created. It is a place of this kind because there is no longer information (know-how) for its preparation. Under certain changes in the electromagnetic field of the Earth that occur periodically, more or less, species disappear and formed new ones. So it will be with the human species a day.

The cell is so exceptional electromagnetic gadgets. Since billions of such gadgets is made up our bodies in every part of every tissue in every bone and nerve. Knowledge (know-how) to survive and react to each cell is connected to the whole body and makes a system call – the immune system.

The frequency with which something in nature vibrates depends on the size of components coupled to one unit. There are physical and electrical vibrations. It is evident, therefore, that the cell as a whole is vibrating at a lower frequency than individual atoms and molecules in it.

DNA molecule is extremely long series of encrypted material, it is updated by dividing itself into two identical copies. The DNA molecule is bent into a tiny ball, or when parts of it must be unwrapped and turn at speeds from 10,000 to 20,000 revolutions per minute (200 to 300 Hz). About 50 000 different biochemical reaction and create 5,000 different proteins is one continuous bio-electro-chemical plays with electrical vibrations in the entire area of the cell. Every single biochemical reaction is one electronic process for themselves. These reactions are a thing of the process of reduction and oxidation. The reduction removes electrons and oxidation are added. This is the essence of chemistry.

The electrical frequency of these processes will vary on the size of molecules. Thus the life of one cell resembles “game electrons” which uses a vast range of electromagnetic frequencies. Here is the essence of life. You can imagine how this is a good orchestra and with what precise rhythm on “play” and “game”.

The first waves of the mobile phone poor children hearing
Based on the research of the Academy of Otorhinolaryngology presented in 2007, radiation from mobile phone gradually damages the inner ear so that a loss of the ability to listen to high-frequency sounds. The greatest damage is the ones who often listen to Wi-Fi devices (MP3) and who talk cordless phone for an hour or more a day. Kids will have already at an early age have an irreversible hearing loss.

Mobile phones lead to bad eyesight
Microwaves are the cause of opacity of the eye lens that is similar to cataract concluded in 1970. Dr. Milton glow. He demonstrated how weak microwave field affects the subcapsular eye lesions, which sometimes occur years after exposure to microwaves.

Israeli researchers have confirmed that microwaves from mobile phones may cause the macro and microdamage to the entire visual system, including the creation of tiny bubbles that can form on the eye lens. Doctor Om Gadi from Utah found that the lens ten-year child absorbs five times more radiation from mobile care about adults.

Glasses with the metal frame can absorb the microwaves from mobile and then will telecast radiation on the surface of the eye.

Mobile phones damage the brain
By scanning the children’s brain was discovered that microwaves penetrate deep into the interior.

In just a few minutes microwaves from mobile can create a hole in the blood-brain barrier. This is a protective membrane that controls the transition of substances from the blood into the central nervous system. Only a small amount of microwaves and damages the membrane of this it becomes porous and permeable many harmful substances can then reach the central nervous system.

This leakage of harmful substances causes oxidative stress and damage to the nervous tissue. Brain hormones, including melatonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and thyroid stimulating hormone, quickly disrupt microwave.

Microwaves high increase the risk of cancer:
In late 2007, Israeli experts have published the interview of only 10 minutes would cause a change in brain tissue that leads to abnormal cell division. Microwaves mobile are already proven have produced tumors of the eye and salivary glands. After 2000 hours of exposure to microwaves children face 240 times greater risk of developing a brain tumor.

There is an obvious increase in some diseases in children especially in the US, which is now increasingly believed to be associated with the operation of the microwave.

Obesity children
Thyroid hormones are critical for proper brain development and metabolic function. The thyroid gland is not developed well in the field of high x-radiation, a leading cause of cancer of the thyroid gland is not excessive ionizing radiation. The thyroid gland in the neck are heavily exposed to microwaves from mobile phones and at the same time, it absorbs them. The radiation from the mobile phone also reduces the pituitary gland in the brain that should stimulate thyroid hormone this. Insufficient secretion of TSH deficiency is the cause of children with thyroid metabolic hormone T3 and T4, which results in excessive thickness.

Children’s  diabetes
A recent study by toxicologists Magda Havas says that some of the electromagnetic frequencies can have a devastating effect on some diabetics and that the so-called dirty electricity can cause rapid changes in blood sugar level facilities.

Children allergies
Swedish scientists confirmed that the wireless radiation may induce strong inflammatory processes and allergic reactions activating substances is such as histamine, heparin, and that binding found in large cells of many tissues. The inflammatory process in the skin, which is manifested, swelling and itching, is common and poisoning microwave and asthma. Today, nearly one out of ten children in the United States have asthma and hoarseness, for which doctors can not determine the cause. Asthma is just a severe allergic reaction to something in the environment. Are microwaves that “something” that nobody sees?

Immune system disorder
Children who are chronically body is under stress due to allergic wireless devices can have as a final consequence exhausted immune system. In addition, he is no longer working well and comes to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Such persons each and a minimum presence of electromagnetic field creates serious congestion.

Around 1.75 million young people between 8 and 9 years, which in the US use mobile only half an hour a day, will be at high risk of getting a brain tumor at the time of adolescence.

Generations of today’s children around the world are constantly torturing their body, a huge number of people made chemicals are obtained and microwaves radiation as in cells constantly causing damage and wasting genetic material. Here quires to include ultra-sound, which is liberally applied even during pregnancy. All this has a cumulative effect and leads to long-term deconstruction cells.

Irradiated generations will likely be affected by cancer in the most recent history of human society. Funds for expensive “treatment” chemotherapy and x-rays will be established and charged on all sides. It will be a good business. For those who survive.

Author: K.S

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