Beetroot – Health Benefits and Homemade Recipes

Beetroot is a vegetable known for its characteristic dark red color and numerous medicinal effects. Since ancient times it is used in food and folk medicine. Since it usually uses the root, but the leaves can be used and both are healthy especially the popular domestic beet juice.

Резултат слика за beetroot

Because it is rich in iron is extremely effective in the treatment of anemia. It contains proteins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins B1, B2, C, and plenty of vitamin B12, which is very rare in plant foods. The color of beetroot comes from anthocyanins, the natural plant pigment in which a growing interest for possible use in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and tumors. As well as plant and beet juice is very healthy, especially if you are a real cool.

Beetroot as a cure for cancer

It is best to drink fresh beet juice because the boiling loses most of the healthy substances. The advantage of juices is that their nutrients faster due to the body of the ingredients entered through solid food because they do not have to be digested. Research at the Queen Mary University of London in the UK shows that one glass of juice a day reduces blood pressure, even in people who have not previously drunk medication.

Since it contains high levels of inorganic nitrate which relax and dilate blood vessels, beets reduce high blood pressure. After only half an hour after drinking the beetroot, the pressure will be reduced. Nitrate improves the transfer of oxygen through the blood so that the natural beet juice for anemia excellent choice for athletes and people with respiratory problems. Recent studies show that the good and in the prevention of serious diseases, such as malignant tumors.

Beetroot is a good source of betaine, which reduces the level of homocysteine – an amino acid which has a high level associated with cardiovascular disease. It also prevents the collection of fat in the liver. Since promotes faster and more efficient utilization of fat, this ingredient beetroot stimulates metabolism. Vitamin B12, which is also found in beets, is good in the prevention of cancer. This ingredient is also important for the work of the central nervous system, improves memory, balance, and concentration.

Beetroot is not to drink during pregnancy

It is rich in folic acid, ie. vitamin B9, which plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells and preventing anemia. Because this vitamin is highly recommended domestic beet juice during pregnancy, because it plays an important role in developing the nervous system of the fetus. Betaine and folic acid that are in the red beet reduce levels of homocysteine amino acids whose high level in the blood can cause a blockage of the blood vessels. It also contains manganese, the lack of which can cause changes in the bones, a problem in metabolism, growth, and fertility. Since it contains vitamin B2 and is useful in the prevention of various skin diseases and dermatosis.

In addition to drinking, betroot juice can also be used for skin care and hair. Syrup of beetroot has proven good for hydration, preventing wrinkles and increase elasticity. As far as hair care helps with dandruff, and mixed half and half with vinegar, this juice has a beneficial effect and with problems with unpleasant psoriasis . It is used by medicated syrup apply lubricant to all problem areas. The diet is most often used beetroot, but also its foliage is healthy. These leaves are rich in vitamin B9, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, potassium, iron and Whitman C. The leaves can be prepared like spinach and can be made and delicious green pulp juice.
How to make carrot juice, beetroot, and lemon

This syrup combines beets and some very healthy foods and drinks in the morning, after a small teaspoon. For this recipe, you will need a blender that can grind completely raw beets. The resultant syrup is not dissolved with water..


  • 1 kg of beetroot,
    500 g carrots,
    juice of one lemon,
    3 Oranges,
    two apples,
    800 g of honey.Beet, carrot and apple peel and cut into pieces, and insert it in a blender. Grind them until thoroughly mixed and transformed into a compact pulp. Orange and lemon squeeze by hand and add to the prepared pulp. The entire mixture to mix with quality local honey and pour into glass bottles. The amount of syrup will last you about three weeks.

Beet juice and lemon against cholesterol

Not in this recipe, you will not have to cook beets, because as we said cooking is lost a lot of nutrients. For this very healthy beet juice, you will also need a blender that can grind it.

  • 1 beet,
    1 or 2 lemons
    honey to taste.How do you make syrup from beetroot

Clean and cut the beets into cubes and place in blender. Lemon peel also cut and insert in your blender. Over that pour a little water, but not all the way to the top. All the ingredients are well ground and strain into another container. Add honey to taste and you have done an outstanding beet juice and lemon.

Make a syrup of beet in several combinations

From a hernia, beetroot can get 700 milliliters of beverage. If you do not like the taste you can combine it with apple juice, carrot, pineapple with juice, squeezed lemon, and that in any combination of your choice and taste add honey.

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