Heart Diseases as a Cause For Coughing

A dry and consuming cough can cause lung diseases, heart, throat, nose, and sinuses. Most common in pneumonia or chronic bronchitis, asthma and related diseases.

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Usually, it is easy to recognize because the patient has other problems – fever, malaise and the like. Very rarely is the first thought that a cough is caused by heart disease.

For example here’s the story one patient:

Lord, aged 65, generally healthy, one day, while climbing to the fourth floor, felt fatigue, shortness of breath, chest tightness unclear. But he climbed back to his apartment and went to bed. He noted that it stifles and dry coughing when lying and that it’s a lot easier when sitting.

Called the doctor assumed that it was a “virus”. The temperature after a day or two something raised and forwarded to the specialist examination: pulmonary examination, RDG heart, and lungs, EKG and blood work. The blood picture were indicators that pointed to the general goods inflammatory events, ECG showed left bundle branch block (this is an old finding in the patient), and the P & L in the heart and lungs was suspected to mutual pneumonia. Was sent home from treatment for pneumonia.

As the situation is not repaired, but rather worse, after a few days again is viewed. Results of a detailed interview, ECG, ultrasound of the heart and a clinical examination indicate that it was not pneumonia but a large heart attack, which was not recognized. Because myocardial heart no longer had enough power, blood is lagging behind in the lungs, caused a dry cough, shortness of breath and water accumulation in the lungs.

Wrong diagnosis?

It is usually said that the ECG must show picture infarction which is not always true. This patient had a left bundle branch block and the disorder ECG picture conceals a heart attack. Fever occurs with various diseases but often accompanied by a heart attack.

RDG recording of the heart and lungs can not show pneumonia or retardation of blood in the pulmonary circulation. Changes in the blood count and sedimentation also accompany a variety of diseases, but there are also in myocardial infarction.

However, when the patient first reported the doctor should pay attention to the pain and pressure in the chest, the dry cough and suffocation which occurred a few hours later. The first suspect was supposed to be a heart attack.

I should have done in the ECG, in which he would not give an answer because of left bundle branch block, or to jump “cardiac enzymes” in the blood showed that it was a heart attack. Echocardiography showed the changes in the motion of the heart wall, which would again be susceptible to attack.

The moral of this story is that every obscure cause coughing, wheezing or choking feeling, vague loss of consciousness, etc., should be thoroughly and carefully processed.

The special risk of heart disease and lung cancer are exposed to smokers, people with high fat, sugar, blood pressure, those who do not move, those in the family have a similar disease. Such persons should, especially after the age of 40, once a year, do check-ups. But most important is to prevent the disease by avoiding the factors that it can provoke.

Author: K.S

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