Potatoes -Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

A good quality potato, cooked or baked, brings a surprising number of health benefits.
History shows that certain populations in the 19th century lived almost exclusively of potatoes, which confirms its high nutritive value. Some nutritionists even believe that potatoes may be the only foods that can be eaten almost every day.

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One medium  boiled potato contains about 37% of the recommended daily needs of vitamin C, while a large  cooked  potato contains even more – almost half of the daily required amount of vitamin C! Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is so important for  the immune system in people , slow the aging process, but also has anti-cancer properties.


Most people associate the word “phytochemicals” with colorful or green vegetables, but potatoes because of  its yellowish color doesn’t look that  has a lot of it. American geneticists discovered that potatoes contain more than 70 types of vitamins and health phytochemicals, including many phenols – as flavonoids, and also a chlorogenic acid and kukoamines. If you did not know, kukoamines are natural chemicals that lower blood pressure, but until recently, it was thought that only expensive fruits, berries contain these natural ingredients.

Commonly known as sources of iodine are seaweed. But lately, due to the exhaustion of the soil, there is less amount of this mineral in a soil. Therefore the easiest and available source of iodine, are potatoes. This is an important fact for those who avoid refined salt which is considered as the main source of iodine.


Potatoes contain a large amount of vitamin B6 (participating in the construction of the cell), potassium (regulation of body fluids), soluble and insoluble fiber (regulate intestinal peristalsis and reduce physical toxins), and important – magnesium ( today most people have a deficiency of this mineral). Magnesium is known as “mineral for relaxation” since it affects on reducing the symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, insomnia and muscle cramps.

NOTE: Potatoes contain starch, which has a high glycemic index. For those who need to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels, it is advisable to always eat potatoes with a good fat, for example, cooked with olive or coconut oil, or melted butter, because in combination with fat carbohydrates much slower gets into the blood.

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