Coconut Milk -Amazing Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts


Coconut is not only delicious and naturally sweet – this nutritious tropical fruit is also rich in protein. Apart from protein, coconut also contains important vitamins – A, B, and C.

Резултат слика за coconut milk


* keeps the digestive system
* provides essential vitamins and minerals
* improves thyroid function
* helps with kidney and liver
* keeps free radicals under control
* for healthy bones and teeth
* helps with anemia
* contains magnesium which helps with diabetes and high blood pressure
* strengthens the immune system
* no lactose

Many people confuse coconut milk with coconut water, but there is a significant difference. Coconut water is a pure beverage that is obtained when the coconut open. Coconut milk is made from the fleshy part of the coconut . It can be used immediately, as a drink, or for cooking.

Coconut has great nutritional value and is incredibly healthy for the body, for external and for internal use. Coconut milk is used as an antiseptic for skin rashes and burns because it is proven that has the healing effect on the skin. Coconut oil is also commonly used in cosmetic treatments for the face, but it has been proven that reduces wrinkles.

Coconut milk is a common ingredient in many shampoos and preparations for the care of the scalp hair and replaces the  harmful and irritating chemicals. Coconut contain vitamins that provide a stronger and shinier hair and skin. Although coconut milk(also oil) has a significant beneficial effect when is used on the skin and hair but has a better effect if is consumed.

Coconut milk is delicious and many people drink it because it has a pleasant taste but also because of nutritional value. It can be used as a substitute for regular milk in most cases because contains significant amounts of potassium, calcium, and chlorine.
People who do not get enough potassium usually drink coconut milk to prevent cramps, edema and eye problems associated with a lack of potassium. For those who are allergic to soy or intolerant to lactose, coconut milk is an excellent substitute because it contains almost all vitamins and minerals as well as soy or regular milk, but there are no health risks.

Coconut milk helps with a dry throat, and even with ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract because it calms the body and digestive system. Nutrients in coconut also strengthen the immune system. Vitamin B complex which contains KKOS helps improve the function of the immune and nervous system, making the body more resistant to disease remains, even during the winter months when epidemic of flu and colds are increased.

A cup of hot coconut milk has not only excellent taste and odor but is also excellent for maintaining the health or treatment of existing disease.Finally, the coconut is also used for weight loss or maintenance of the desired weight. Coconut contains a low percentage of fat and the average serving contains only 60 calories.

If you replace common milk with coconut milk, you will significantly reduce your intake of fat and calories, which means that it will be easier for you to get rid of unwanted pounds. This is a healthy and nutritious alternative that has significant beneficial properties for health and great taste.

Most people begin to replace high-calorie soft drinks and sugared drinks with coconut milk because it is sweet enough, and yet completely healthy. However, since all foods contain a certain number of calories, do not overdo it with the consumption of coconut milk.

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