Treat Chlamydia Trachomatis Naturally -Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Remedies


Chlamydia Trachomatis is one of the sexually transmitted diseases that are the most widely and most frequently among the population, it is caused by a bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis.

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At this stage, it is possible to completely get rid of this infection with the help of antibiotics. But, if left untreated, it penetrates the uterus and fallopian tubes, causing the end of generalized inflammation of the pelvis – which is a serious condition, which in some cases can lead to infertility.


Problems are most often manifested three weeks after contact with an infected person. Is manifested in the form of increased secretion from the vagina or are accompanied by a burning sensation during urinating. If chlamydial infection starts to spread further the symptoms can manifest as pain in the lower abdomen or back, nausea, fever, pain during a sexual act or bleeding between two menstrual periods.

Among the infected are the mostly youngest people: the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, every 24th person aged 18-26 years have chlamydia. Surprise , the experts says : “Chlamydia often ‘bundled’ with some other bacterial sexually transmitted disease, such as gonorrhea,”

Do condoms provide protection?

If you use them, and always in the right way, they can protect you. A recent survey conducted revealed that regular use of condoms reduces the risk of infection in women by 60%.

Chlamydia is transmitted through sexual contact,and the higher  risk has people who often change partners. May occur during the childbirth , if the mother is suffering from chlamydiae may be transmitted to the newborn and may cause pneumonia .

In women, the bacteria can threaten the cervix and urinary tract and cause inflammation of the pelvis, while men are the most susceptible to infection of urethra and epididymis (part of the male genital tract that conducts sperm from the testicles to the vas deferens) with complications in the form of edema, inflammation of the testicles and vas deferens . If chlamydia symptoms are not cured on time or not at all, the untreated disease leads to damage to the reproductive organs and can lead to infertility in both sexes.


How is this disease dangerous?

Chlamydia can cause a generalized pelvic inflammatory disease which  is pretty dangerous. A chlamydia within a year of infection can lead to this disease which seriously jeopardizes fertility. “Your body, in an attempt to defend against Chlamydia, which affects the pelvic region, ‘encapsulates’ reproductive organs scar tissue, which can result in a blockage of the fallopian tubes, it is impossible sperm access to the egg,” experts say. “The main symptom is a chronic pain in the pelvis, but it is likely that often there are no symptoms,”.

Should I get tested?

Since this infection in young women so often, the most recent recommendations of the American Center for prevention is that all sexually active women age 25 years tested once a year. But if you cross the 25th be each year to test, unless you and you and your sweetheart already tested and get negative results, and since then live in strict monogamy. Do not forget to ask your own gynecologist that you do this analysis – as it often does not work as part of the regular analysis, but only if expressly requested.

Chlamydia – Natural Treatments

In addition to the treatment prescribed by your physician can be used as herbal medicines that have proved effective for the treatment of chlamydia. Among them are natural antibiotics such sewed the garlic capsules or fresh, onion, echinacea, sage, black and red blueberry, horseradish, basil, plum, yogurt, cabbage, and in the world to rinse intimate area quite used tea tree essential oil. Today there are many different preparations, as well as teas against chlamydia and tinctures to treat chlamydia naturally, a marigold has proven to be particularly effective.

Alkalize your body

It is known that the acidity of the body favors the development and progression of the disease. In order to reduce the acidity of the blood, consume about 80% of basic food and food with 20% acidic pH. The basic ingredients are fresh fruits and vegetables, especially citrus and melon, millet, almonds, herbal teas, honey, quinoa, olive oil, while the lowest pH has meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, refined products, sugar …

So, in the case that chlamydia symptoms are already present, it is necessary to alkalize your body, which means that the best way for that is day to start  your day with a lemonade without sugar, portion of fresh fruit, breakfast from prosa.meda and almonds, with meat and fish, eat a lot of fresh salads and as often as possible while foods of animal origin substitute plant foods. Potatoes should be prepared together with the shell, and  instead of coffee try to  drink herbal teas.

How to treat Chlamydia

The first protection from any bacteria is to work on strengthening immunity. Avoid products that contain sugar, white flour, saturated fat, soft drinks, alcohol, fried food. dry meat products. On the other hand, it is useful to eat seasonal vegetables and fruits, herbs, bee products (royal jelly, propolis), garlic, onion, wild garlic, ginger, sprouts, quail eggs, as many raw foods, oregano oil …

Tincture of wormwood against Chlamydia

In phytotherapy, wormwood plant is one of the unavoidable drugs against chlamydia. It can be used as a tea or tincture or should know that it is not completely safe because the plant is composed of toxic substances and is not to be used for more than three weeks if you come forward first chlamydia symptoms.
Tincture of wormwood:

30 g ground wormwood pour with 500 ml medical alcohol, and allow to stand for 14 days next to a heat source, and often shake.
Thereafter, the tincture strain and store in a glass bottle in a dry, dark place.
Take three times a day for 10 drops of tincture.

Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis)

This plant has a strong anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. It is used to strengthen the immune system and contains highly medicinal alkaloid berberine, which, among other things, directly destroys chlamydia.

2 tablespoons sage; 1 head of garlic; lemon; 500 g of honey; 100 g of propolis
Preparation: Grind lemon and onion, add 2 tablespoons of sage, pour over with half a liter of boiling water, let stand for 2 hours, then strain well.
Add 500 g of honey and 100 g of propolis, pour into a bottle and take three times a day half an hour before meals.

Another effective and proven recipe:

Pour 2  liters of white wine into a pot and add 4 heads of garlic. All this cook, until you get 200 ml beverage. Drink warm. It’s not tasty but it works. Drink this once a month during  four months.

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