Meteoropathy – Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments


Meteo-sensitive people is every day more and more, only in the USA are considered to suffer from this problem nearly 40 percent of the population, according to some reports, the number had been increasing in recent years even at 50 percent. What causes meteoric headaches, dizziness, irritability, and insomnia, as time changes affect the chronically ill get below .

Резултат слика за weather-sensitive people


Remember when you and yourself last time for his moodiness, nervousness, irritability, and other health problems blamed just change the time. It is sometimes might have been the only excuse, but that the weather really affects people, has always been known.

Even Hippocrates in his writings, he wrote that in certain weather situations do not take a knife in his hands. On the coast, recorded a significantly higher number of crimes if the wind was south and when the weather changes suddenly and frequently, the only mitigating circumstance is if you are not a weather-sensitive person. Every fifth person who has this problem can have very adverse symptoms.

One of the reasons for the emergence of a growing number of these phenomena is more frequent and longer stays in closed, air-conditioned rooms, out of touch with nature. In such conditions, the body simply forgets how to cope with the changes of time. Weather-sensitive people are more often educated people who everyday spend to much time sitting in the office, as opposed to the less educated who are doing their daily work mostly outdoors.


In most cases, symptoms occur a day or two before the change of time and can last from 24 to 48 hours. A severe headache, joint pain, and aching bones, feeling that the body is not yours, fatigue and problems with lack of sleep – many of these symptoms of meteoropathy are well-known.

Occasionally patients who’s are weather-sensitive are the most vulnerable. Weather changes affect a large extent and the general mood of people – namely, they become nervous, irritable bothering them insomnia, etc. That these are not mere speculation and traditional beliefs about the connection time with human health tells us the fact that it was created as a separate biometeorology field of meteorology.

Sudden mood swings are often associated with bio-prognosis. Weather adversely affects almost all people especially when the pressure falls significantly, and the wind blows in the presence of high humidity and heat. It is extremely unfavorable weather forecast and weather-sensitive people need to be careful. As the situation changes in the atmosphere, and changes it in our brain.

On the eve of the passage of the cyclone on increasingly light ACHT- stress hormone and is released less endorphins, hormones that act as natural painkillers. Therefore, decreases the defense capabilities of the organism, but also the mood. When substantial changes of time increased the number of heart attacks and strokes, as it comes to ease of blood clots, while people who have problems with ulcers in the stomach at a higher risk of bleeding


For weather-sensitive people, the best prevention is spending time outdoors at least an hour a day or  two and in all weather conditions. People who are forced to work in a closed are much more frequently threatened and irritable. Our body reacts violently to any type of stress, the one caused by the change of time can not be avoided, although this no one disputes there are those who, regardless of their age, illness and problems on bad weather and rain, watching with a smile.
Make sure that you own such as this is by far the best prevention is not only a good mood but also for your overall health. Being weather-sensitive person is not so tragic if you know how to deal with it. Report of weather used by itself could be counterproductive, people see on television, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, find out the bad news and thus directly harming themselves because they start to feel bad, there is an old saying “every sensation is a disease”.


One of the prerequisites, when you are weather-sensitive person, is to keep an eye on the weather forecast, how would you help yourself, here are a few tips for you:

  • In the case of announced time changes, increased wind, the rapid convergence of the cloud , will help teas to relax nerves and muscles, as well as healing Shen Zhen. These natural teas are most effective with the transition from autumn to winter …
  • A weather-sensitive person always has at hand chamomile tea, hawthorn and linden because it will reduce nervous irritability and tension. If you drink one of these teas, after seven days you will feel relief. Physical activity is simply necessary, stretching exercises especially because it will make your muscles and nerves flexible and much more resistant to weather changes and climate fluctuations that come .
  • Breathe slowly lavender oil – after a few drops a day, you will feel relief
  • Tea made from valerian is one of the finest natural beverages for the treatment of insomnia, ideal for weather-sensitive people who have a problem with lack of sleep, be sure to use it .
  • In the case of heavy fog and high humidity, especially suffer from chronic illnesses especially asthmatics. If it is your case, do not go out, stay warm and drink teas from angelica, ginseng because it encourages better blood circulation .
  • Do not be too warmed in cold weather, slow down circulation. Try to keep the temperature in the living room is about 20 degrees if you are a weather person. In addition to an intense headache, the high temperature in the rooms can weaken your immune system, because of the mucous membranes far more susceptible to infections in a warm and bad reaction to a large temperature difference (at home and outside) .


Author: K.S

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