Healing Power of Bay Laurel Leaf -Health Benefits and Natural Remedies(recipes)

Thanks to the numerous beneficial ingredients, bay  laurel stimulates digestion, while the pressed oil from fresh fruits used to treat rashes, aching muscles, encourage better blood circulation …

Резултат слика за Bay Laurel Leaves

Magic guard health, Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) is a spice and medicine used since ancient times. The Pleasant smell of leaves comes from essential oils that contain 50 percent cineole, and the rest equal parts Methyleugenol and terpinacetat. Thanks to the numerous beneficial ingredients, laurel stimulates digestion, while the pressed oil from fresh fruits used to treat rashes, aching muscles, encourage better blood flow. A positive effect on mood. It also helps in the treatment of hysteria, colic, neurasthenia stomach flu.

Extremely effective, bay oil is used to treat pain in the ears, bruises, sprains, as well as for the treatment of serious fungal diseases, and infections of nails. And that’s not all. Oil is one of the most powerful products for body strengthening and prevention, because of clean the lymphatic system. For example, rubbing a few drops on a swollen lymph gland produced an immediate sense of relief. It is also recommended as a proven means of coughing, but also for the treatment of varicose veins.

In the treatment of diabetes and for the removal of salts from the joints, has proven effective tea from this plant. Bay leaves are used to treat headaches because it contains parthenolide, a substance that has a beneficial effect on migraine. Thanks, eugenol acting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. For this reason, advocates of traditional medicine recommend lining fabric, previously submerged in the water in which boiled bay leaf. This compress helps with colds, flu, coughs and bronchitis. A rinse water in which he stood bay leaf helps against dandruff.

The bay laurel leaf is multipurpose and very useful for the treatment of the whole range of health problems you will see you in the next couple of recipes .

Here are some interesting recipes against a strong and persistent cough:

3 bay  laurel leaves finely chop, pour with 2.5 dl of water and cook for about ten minutes. Remove from heat and keep covered for another ten minutes, when you need to strain. The filtered tea, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of local honey. Drink 2-3 times daily in an amount of up to 3 dl.

Bay laurel tea for a cough is recommended for strengthening the immune system with the flu but is most effective in bronchitis and breathing problems. An old folk recipe is also recommended in these problems and it is this: Put in a bowl half a liter of water and 150 grams of sugar, let to boil and add ten laurel leaves and cook for 30 minutes. After that remove laurel leaves from pot and put the mixture in the appropriate cup or jar. Use if necessary!

Syrup from a Bay Laurel leaf for a cough

You will be surprised by its pleasant and mild taste, which is often not the case with other recipes for this purpose. It can be drunk at once and to the sweetness, the main merit belongs to the bay leaf which is at the same time sweet and bitter, while the lemon tart …

Here are the ingredients:

6 leaves of bay  laurel
2.5 dl of water
6 tablespoons brown sugar
1 lemon medium size
In a bowl pour water, and when it boil put the bay leaves , cover and cook for 6-10 minutes .. Take out bay leaves and pour the liquid into another pot. Add brown sugar and squeeze lemon. Mix and wait until sugar is melted .
2-3 teaspoons a day are quite appropriate doses, which will be sufficient to mitigate the problems. Keep it in fridge and such it can be used longer than three days. In the case of severe cold, a slice of lemon and chewed in the mouth. This combination will soften a dry cough.

Bay Laurel leaf excess water from the body

In the evening, take a tablespoon of bay leaf  , pour 3 dl water and cook in enameled pot, up to 5 minutes.
All deliver in a thermos and let stand overnight
In the morning, strain the liquid from a thermos into another pot.
Drink in small sips, do not drink the whole amount at once.
After seven days, repeat the treatment.
If you experience frequent urination, do not be concerned as well as it should be. This is a good sign that bay laurel leaf began to dissolve salt, which knows how little to irritate the bladder. The results of this treatment will be visible only for ten days or more, you’ll feel a lot easier, and joint pain will completely fade …

Cure for bunions from Bay Leaf 

5 large bay laurel leaves, what finer chop and pour with 96% alcohol (100 ml). Allow 7 days to stand , after which you need to strain. The mixture lubricates bunions or puts your feet in 3 liters of hot water with a tablespoon of baking soda. Wipe your feet, with a mixture of grease, put on short cotton socks before going to bed .
Tincture of laurel

Fresh bay leaves (30 g) finely sliced and put into a glass container and pour 3 dl homemade brandy (a strong and more than 60%). Sealed and keep ten days in a warm place, then strain . Tincture of laurel is great for treating sprains, inflammation of the Achilles tendon, sprained joints, excessive muscle tension, rheumatism, and is effective with complete paralysis of limbs …


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