Remove Negative Energy -8 Effective Ways to Relieve Yourself From Negative Energy!

The capacity for empathy allows us to better understand others and to be easier to ‘read’ their energy. However, this is a feature that can be harmful, so it is important to know how not to be subject to other people’s emotions and energies.

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If you identified yourself as an overly empathetic person, would be good for yourself to take action that you won’t longer be harassed by the things which don’t have anything to do with you. It is important to keep energy for yourself and the people you love and that in their system do not miss the information, emotion, and energy that you damage and draw strength.

Try to make it through these steps:

When your good mood suddenly changes, when occurs emotions such as fear, pain, sadness, anger, ask yourself with whom you were in contact , what information you received from the environment, did you attend in any unpleasant incident. If so, explain to you the feeling that you have is not yours, but you’ve absorbed from the outside.

If you are able to change someone else’s situation, to help someone, to comfort him and to consult, be sure to do that, but if you are not in a position, tell yourself that you can do nothing. Free yourself from those negative emotions that when you can’t help to someone (while you are in bad mood) that you should feel guilty or bad. If you continue to go through all the feelings of others, you will exhaust your precious strength, rather than invest in something constructive.

Look deeper inside
Ask yourself what is that in you that makes you feel bad because someone else is bad. Did you ever experience something similar? Are there any feelings for someone ,that you still repress it ? Do you have some false beliefs about yourself and the world that elicit certain emotions?
Deal with your problems and look deeper into yourself. Accept all the repressed feelings and let them be the way they are, express them and then release them. An important part of this process is forgiveness of self and others and to all those who caused negative emotions in us.

Take time to be alone
When  you’re alone you have the opportunity to re-examine yourself , cry or do something else to get rid of negative energy.

Imagine a shield around you

When you are in contact with a person who does not suit you or you are in an environment that is full of bad energy, visualize around you a transparent shield which does not transmit negative energy and not let other people’s negative emotions reach you.

Use the power of water
After a contact with a person who is very negative will be suitable for you to wash down all that energy from yourself. If you are not able to take a shower, then at least wash your hands. Imagine how the accumulated negative energy goes far away from you.

Express your emotions
Whatever you feel, it is important to express. Suppressing emotions never brought anything good to anyone , in contrary, leads only to various diseases. Allow yourself to express concern, fear, anger, disagreement, or anything else you feel.

Imagine that you are connected to the ground with the pipes through which you send all your negative energy in the ground, and imagine that you are taking the positive energy from the earth. This exercise increases the flow of healthy energy in us.

Spend time outside
There is nothing healthier than nature, empathic people have a particularly advantageous, and most enjoy near water. Try to be in contact with the soil, water, fresh air more often … Let it the wind to carried away all negative energy that is accumulated in you.

Author: K.S


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