How Ginger Destroys Cancer More Effectively Than Chemotherapy – 10 000x Stronger?

contains a natural substance that is up to 10,000 times more effective than drugs for chemotherapy to destroy the cancer stem cells, which make  malignant tumors so dangerous.

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The compound, known as 6-shogaol, occurs when the root ginger is drying or cooking. The researchers found that 6-shogaol is actively working against cancer stem cells at concentrations that are harmless to healthy cells. This is drastically different from conventional chemotherapy, which has serious side effects because in addition to killing the malignant, also kills the healthy cells.

Like other stem cells, and cancer stem cells can differentiate into various cell types. Although they make up less than 1% of the cells of any tumors, and cells do not respond almost on any known chemotherapy preparation. They are a major factor in the formation of metastases, which are the cause of death in 90% of cancer cases.

Persistence of cancerous stem cells also explains why cancer can return after seemingly successful removal of the tumor by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. The research said that “Stem cell cancers are a serious obstacle to cancer therapy since they are responsible for the return of cancer,” . “To make things worse, very few chemotherapy drugs show potential to kill those cells.”

The researchers found that 6-shogaol working on stem cells of breast cancer in several ways: reducing the expression of surface markers, changing the cycle of these cells, increasing their mortality rate, stops the formation of tumors, directly cause the cell death of cancer cells and cancer stem cells poisons ( cytotoxicity).

Then the researchers compared the cytotoxicity of the substances 6-shogaol with widely used chemotherapy drug Taxol. They found that although taxol shows cytotoxicity in a laboratory one-dimensional tumor model, he does not show that in the three-dimensional model, which is closer to the actual tumor, while the 6-shogaol was effective on both models.

The fact that the substance of 6-shogaol is natural and is using like a spice , that is pretty much a good indicator of its harmlessness to healthy cells. ” The nutritional components are welcome to treat the disease because during the long use the human body is accustomed to them,” .

Of course, it requires a lot of additional research and clinical trials, so this can be applied in practice. in the meantime, nothing prevents us, to include ginger in our daily diet.

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