Garlic -Health Benefits, Healing Power, and Usage


Garlic is used for centuries in folk medicine, where its beneficial effects on health are well-known. It works against microbes, in the prevention of high blood pressure and heart disease, helps the normalization of intestinal flora, has anticancer properties …

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Garlic contains more than two hundred biologically active substances. The most important ingredient is the essential oil, which contains sulfur compounds – in it are in, allicin and other medicinal ingredients. There is also an enzyme, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. Garlic contains many minerals selenium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, boron, copper, calcium, molybdenum, and amino acids and enzymes. All materials are in a concentrated form, a drug already in very small amounts.

In order to preserve all the natural properties, garlic should not be processed. Best results are achieved if you  squeeze fresh juice. How much garlic should be eaten in order to have all the benefits of this amazing plant? It seems that it is sufficient 3-4 cloves a day.

Therapeutic properties

 1. Antimicrobial properties
Effective against bacteria (that can stop the growth of Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Proteus, Pseudomonas), fungi, viruses and parasites – and this is much more effective than some, by now famous, powerful antibiotics (some bacteria operates like penicillin). It has been shown that garlic effectively suppresses the growth of fungi, particularly Candida albicans. The antibacterial effect remains even when the garlic is a one-time cook at 100 degrees! It has excellent disinfecting power because it is a natural antiseptic. In the intestine prevents excessive fermentation and decay, but also regulate the intestinal flora.

 2. Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases
Normalize the increased heart rate, stimulates the blood supply to the heart muscle, which improves cardiac function. It prevents blood clots and helps improve circulation and reduces the possibility of heart attacks and strokes. For the purpose of prevention, added raw garlic in all meals.
– Reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood, as well as the creation of harmful cholesterol, while increasing the concentration of protection.
– Reduces the systolic ( “lower”) pressure. If you have problems with high blood pressure, every morning, eat one clove. It works similar to aspirin that is thinning the blood.

 3. The antioxidant properties
It reduces the level of free radicals and strengthens the antioxidant defense. Protects against the harmful effects of nicotine.

 4. Fighter against cancer
Garlic neutralizes carcinogenic compounds and also prevents the appearance of tumors of the liver, esophagus, oral cavity, stomach, and colon. In addition, stops the growth of cancer in a way that kills tumor cells and stimulates a defense mechanism to fight tumors (immunotherapy).

  • Garlic enhances the activity of the immune system and thus increases the overall resistance to infections.
  • During pregnancy, moderate consumption eases the difficulties associated with increasing body weight – such as the island and increased blood pressure, as well as the occurrence of gestational diabetes. It is precisely in diabetes recommends the use of garlic as a seasoning.
  • I am recommended in combination with other medicinal agents in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Due to the favorable impact, a certain compounds of garlic could be used to treat diseases neurodegenerative.
  • It’s good to solve skin problems such as acne, helps with infections ear and toothache, as well as for lead poisoning.

When you need to be careful

  • Garlic does not cause any toxic nor mutagenic effects. Tests have shown that the mature fruit has higher healing effects of young and completely harmless. However, some people respond poorly to some ingredients of garlic, but with them can occur after eating certain problems (heartburn, stomach pain, bloating, gas, nausea, bleeding hemorrhoids, burning with urination, even irritability).
  • Caution should be exercised with concomitant use of garlic and preparations based on Ginkgo biloba or high doses of vitamin E, because it may cause some problems (because of increased bleeding).
  • In the case of simultaneous use of garlic and preparations based on heparin, aspirin or drugs for diseases of the blood vessels, should be sure to consult your doctor.
  • Given that may have contraindications with other medications and supplements, recommended a pause in its consumption for several weeks before and after any surgery.
  • It is rare, but the garlic in some people can cause an allergic reaction, which is manifested by rash, fever, and headache.
  • In excessive amounts, can adversely affect the kidneys, as well as to reduce the number of red blood cells. Therefore, anemic persons, or those taking anticoagulants (anti-clotting), have controlled to consume garlic.
  • If your stomach is difficult for the garlic, prepare prayer from him chop it, mix with fresh butter or fat and thus coat the bread.

Author: K.S

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