Habits That Help You Live Longer – 14 Important Steps to Healthier Life!

More and more research suggests that the most serious diseases of our time – heart disease and cancer – can be avoided by changing lifestyle. If so, then we should accept and use some habits with which we can prolong our life. 

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Here are some of them:

Drink plenty of water
What is enough – depends on body weight. The minimum is to drink this much water: body weight x 15 ml. So, for a person heavy 60 kg minimum 0.9 liters of water a day, a person of 90 kg and a minimum of 1.4 liters of water … It’s easy to recognize that you drink enough water the color of urine. Transparent light-colored urine means that you drink enough water. Dingy dark-colored urine is a sign that you are dehydrated. Water helps to reel of many processes in the body, boost energy levels and facilitate the functioning of the muscle.

Avoid nutritionally poor foods
The modern diet is rich in processed foods and fast food, which undoubtedly damages the health and lead to premature aging. Keep constantly these foods is a serious mistake to health concerns. This does not mean you can not sometimes to eat a bag of potato chips or ice cream industry. But, really – only sometimes.

Include in your diet plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats
You might be wondering, why fat? Fats are not bad and are essential to the body – but healthy ones, the kind found in avocados, olive or coconut oil. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and lower the risk of health problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

Avoid stress
Although this maybe this sounds like a useless advice, think and tell yourself honestly: how much stress you really have to face, and how much it yourself products? The external circumstances we can not change, but we can change our reaction to them. There are various methods that we would be able to help. Every time we manage not to annoy, or upset, despite the circumstances, but keep the cheerful attitude and positive thoughts, we have done something good for your health.

Breathe consciously and deeply
Usually, when we are under stress or anxiety, breathing becomes shallow and our balance, which creates additional anxiety. We can consciously try to breathe deeply and slowly, which will certainly help to reduce stress. When consciously calm breath and the whole body begins to calm. Pulse to soothe and relax the muscles. Every day we can take a few minutes to practice conscious and breathing deeply.

Practice yoga
Controlled and gentle movements of yoga help to relax and eliminate stress. Yoga exercises help to calm the nervous system, focus the mind, relax the tension and be more balanced. Practicing yoga will help us to reduce excessive reactions.

Daily meditation is the main thing to keep stress under control. Fifteen minutes of meditation a day is enough to start. Meditation is a mental as well as a shower. Without it, the stress builds up and if you do not notice it. Meditation helps to discipline your mind, to be present and focused on the task that we perform.

Navigate enough
The movement in many ways helps health: reduces tension and stress, improves mood, contributes to the health of the heart and blood vessels, contributing to the better functioning of the brain. The movement releases endorphins, hormones of happiness. The simplest is that every day we go for a jog or a vigorous walk. For this, we need only sneakers and good will.

Sleep more.
Today, people, as a rule, do not sleep enough and they are aware of it. It is healthy to get used to going to bed early (around 10-11 at night) and get up earlier. Many studies have shown that 7-8 hours of sleep daily essential to stay healthy.

Sleep better
 And again, it’s not just how long we sleep, but what’s the quality of sleep. To improve the quality of sleep, we can do the following: exclude electronic devices and telephone at least an hour before going to bed to read a nice book and to meditate a few minutes before we go to sleep.

Change the daily routine.
Close up in the daily routine that leaves no space  to think more deeply about ourselves and about life, to be curious and creative, is a big mistake. Monotony destroys family relationships, reduces the joy of life and dulls the mind. So, look and try something new – if not daily, then at least every week …

Do not give too much importance to the world
If too much importance is given to the opinion and actions of others, it can make us quite frustrated. It’s okay to appreciate others and to treat them kindly, but first of all, we have to be his and have of what we feel that we are really looking forward and fills. If we respect ourselves, we will respect the other.

Bring inspirational used morning routine
 Morning determines the day, but if we start every morning so that we, for example, read an inspirational text, repeated affirmations, meditate or do yoga, it will certainly make a positive act on the rest of the day. Several more extensive proposal for the morning routine can be found here.

Set yourself a goal for the day
 If every day you set yourself a goal, it will give you extra energy and focus your attention. If you maintain the enthusiasm and desire that each day is a little happier and achieve a little bit more, you will feel a whole better.

Author: K.S

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