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If you are wondering “How to accelerate the growth of nails?” In this article find out the most important answers. Keratin the main protein that is considered the most important when it comes to nail growth. The growth of the nails is affected by numerous factors and depends on your health and age. Fingernails grow faster than those in the legs and in summer are growing faster than in winter. Nails are an important part of our body and you should take care of them mainly because of the beauty. Because of their importance, should pay attention to their care. Accelerate the growth of your nails by following some advice that we specify below.
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Tips for faster growth of the nail

Eat healthier foods

Eat as healthy. Proper nutrition plays a major role in the regulation of all functions in the human body. If you get enough calcium and protein and drink enough water, it will be enough to reduce the occurrence of various problems, because our water hydrates the body inside and out. If you eat healthily, nails will certainly grow faster.

Some other things that can affect the health of nails:

Handsome and well-fed nails are usually “decoration”. Therefore, here we give some tips on how to speed up their growth.

Massage with almond oil

You can easily accelerate the growth of the nail just massage your nails and toenails with almond oil.


Take one cup of warm butter and stir into it a teaspoon of almond oil. When cool dip nails in this mixture, then fine, but a soft massage in and eventually cover the hands warm, of cotton towel for about 5 minutes. This will help to hydrate the skin hands and accelerate the growth of the nails.

Garlic for nail growth

Garlic has an amazing effect when it comes to accelerating the growth of the nail. For one week you will have brighter and healthier nails and will look much better without the cuticle.


With two cloves of garlic make a soft paste and smooth mixture and  rub into your nails and under them. Do not wash your  hands,  but put gloves and let to stand overnight then in the morning wash your hands with soft, children’s soap.

Lemon cream and butter

Make a mixture of lemon and butter and rub it into your nails, and well massaging each nail.

Massage vinegar

Always wash your hands with mild soap. Pour vinegar into a jar, and hold your nails in it for 3-5 minutes. Then wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a paper towel.

Some other tips to protect the nails
Regular cut cuticle and cut the nails when necessary
It is necessary to completely clean your nails
Make your nails every time to be equal and beautiful
Always use natural lacquer and varnish removers, with as few chemicals
Try as less as you come in contact with harsh chemicals and detergents
Wear rubber gloves when wash dishes, scrubbing the house or wash clothes on hand
Avoid bite your nails, nails open boxes and cans and scratch them

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