Numbness of The Left Hand – Possible Causes and Treatment !!!

Numbness of the left hand can be characterized as an abnormal sensation, which is often a symptom of a health problem. In this article, you will read what can cause numbness in the left arm …

Numbness is usually described as a burning sensation or tingling tiny needles. It can be spread out over the hand or to keep in one place. Sometimes it is accompanied by a feeling of numbness or dull pain. This problem is not only unpleasant, but known to be the cause of panic, because you people linked to heart problems, and it can be something harmless such as poor circulation or indicate problems with the muscles or nerves.
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What are the possible causes?

There are a number of health problems that can cause numbness of the left hand. Some are serious, some less, but it certainly should pay attention to them.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs due to pressure on the nerve center located in the bottom of the palm. The symptoms that occur are pain, numbness, tingling in the fingers and loss of power in the whole hand. People who are often at the computer and work them is based on the constant use of the keyboard and mouse, athletes like tennis players and so on. are prone to this disease. During pregnancy, the numbness that occurs in your left hand probably is due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Numbness in the left arm

Pinched spinal nerve: peripheral nerves of the spine are provided to members to participate in the launch of the fingers, hands and feet. If any of these nerves Carve, you get a sense of maraca in hand. Violation of the spine, slipped disc, arthritis of the spine and the like. causing nerve nip.

Raynaud’s phenomenon occurs when narrowed blood vessels in the left arm and therefore reduce the flow of blood. This usually occurs at low temperatures and in stressful circumstances. It can affect your right hand and other parts of the body.

Transient ischemic attack: this is one of the most serious cases and is often called a mini-stroke. In this case, numbness of the left-hand takes an hour or two. It is not life threatening but can be understood as a warning of a possible stroke. It occurs due to lower blockage of arteries in the brain.

Stroke: insufficient blood supply to the brain leads to a stroke. If the blood supply to the right side of the brain, numb left arm. Other symptoms are a pain, stiffness, total loss of feeling in the left side of the body, vision problems, difficulty speaking and so on. All these symptoms occur suddenly. In the case of stroke require urgent medical intervention.

Other causes: diabetes may feel tingling in your hand; usually occur as a result of nerve damage due to uncontrolled diabetes. Alcoholism also has consequences on the nerves and can cause numbness of the hands. Other causes cysts to ganglia,cervical spondylosis ,multiple sclerosis , side effects of some medications, the poor performance of the thyroid gland, lack of vitamins and the like.

How to treat numbness in his left hand?

It depends on what causes it. If a chill accompanied by other symptoms of stroke, need urgent medical intervention. If it occurs because of ischemic attacks, it means you need to change some eating habits and lifestyles, in order to avoid a stroke. In other cases, it is advisable to review the doctor, with emphasis on the family history of the disease, X-ray, and magnetic resonance imaging. If it occurs with numbness and pain, performing certain tests. Drugs and injections can alleviate pain, it is only a temporary solution until you discover the cause of the problem. Physical therapy will improve the mobility of hands, and if there is serious damage to the nerves, it may be the only solution operations.

Since numbness of the left hand can be a symptom of serious health problems, it should not be ignored and we recommended to visit a  doctor.  Diabetic patients are advised to take care on  the levels of sugar in order to avoid this unpleasant feeling.

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